Recently, the 2020 Global Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Summit (2020 CCF-GAIR) hosted by the China Computer Society opened in Shenzhen. Jing Kun, Vice President of Baidu Group and General Manager of Intelligent Life Business Group, delivered a keynote speech on "AI Assistant'Break the Circle'-New Opportunities for Intelligent Life" at a special session focusing on artificial intelligence and new infrastructure industries, and shared Baidu's artificial intelligence The development of Xiaodu, an intelligent assistant, conveys that the "breaking circle" of intelligent assistants will stimulate thinking about the next rapid development of the industry and catalyze new opportunities in the family scene in the post-epidemic period.

  It is reported that with the theme of "New Opportunities in AI New Infrastructure Industry", this summit was divided into 15 themed sessions and gathered more than 2,000 participants from academia and industry to share the "base" flow of Baige after the epidemic. As China's largest conversational artificial intelligence operating system, Xiaodu Assistant has achieved healthy growth in the epidemic test. In March this year, the number of voice interactions with Xiaodu Assistant reached 6.5 billion, nearly three times that of the same period last year. Not only that, the number of partners of Xiaodu Assistant has exceeded 500, and the number of skill developers on the largest AI developer community-Xiaodu Skills Open Platform exceeds 40,000.

  The popularity of Xiaodu Assistant has also promoted the development of Xiaodu's first-party, second-party and third-party devices. In his speech, Jing Kun shared Xiaodu's applications in home scenes, hotel and real estate scenes, vehicle scenes, and portable scenes, and focused on the use of Xiaodu's first-party equipment, namely Xiaodu brand hardware, during the epidemic. During the epidemic, people’s home time increased, and the increase in the usage of Xiaodu smart screens was significantly higher than that of mobile phones, and the increase in the length of time watching long videos on Xiaodu smart screens was higher than that of traditional online video platforms, and the growth rate of watching short and micro videos Also significantly ahead.

  This means that the smart assistant industry "breaking the circle" has become a major trend in future development. As early as the previous Xiaodu media communication meeting, Jing Kun proposed to "break the circle" from the crowd and scenes, and Xiaodu's overall development thinking in 2020 also spread closely around the "breaking circle".

  There are two ways to break the circle: The first idea is to break the circle on the scene. For example, in the hotel scene just mentioned, the user can be in a smart life scene with full voice interaction in the small smart room of the InterContinental Shanghai Sheshan Shimao Hotel, and can fully and profoundly experience the impact of the interactive convenience of artificial intelligence technology on life. As early as at the Baidu World Conference in 2018, Xiaodu released a new AI species in the vehicle scene-Xiaodu Voice Car Bracket. With a mobile phone, users can have a full-scene voice interaction experience in the vehicle.

  The second idea of ​​breaking the circle is to strengthen existing products to specific groups of people, making them have a "knife effect" that can tear away the needs of specific users. Xiaodu released four new products in the first half of 2020, targeting different groups of people. The products have been enhanced with specific capabilities. They are the Xiaodu Education Smart Screen and the Xiaodu Smart Early Learning Machine that focus on children’s education, covering more family scenes and reducing The Xiaodu Smart Screen Air with the threshold of screen smart speakers, and the Xiaodu Smart Speaker 2 infrared version equipped with Baidu's first Honghu chip developed for far-field voice interaction.

  Facing the post-epidemic period, Jing Kun believes that smart life in the home scene will usher in new opportunities, especially in home entertainment, home education, home games, home healthcare, and home e-commerce. With the deeper "circle breaking", smart assistants act as catalysts to enable more digital interactions to meet more needs of users. For example, during the epidemic, the need for children’s education has become more painful. The small smart screen collects simultaneous textbooks in foreign languages ​​and mathematics, English listening, speaking, reading, reading, and practicing. It also has five levels of care such as content filtering, distance reminding, and duration control to realize children The balance of learning and protection. In terms of home entertainment, Xiaodu's rich content services include video, live broadcast and online games. In addition, whether the user wants to exercise at home or find recipes, it can be easily achieved through Xiaodu.

  In the era of global artificial intelligence technology, Xiaodu has been trying and innovating since the early days of the industry and is becoming a ubiquitous artificial intelligence assistant. In the future, Xiaodu will continue to "break the circle" to explore industry development, help new infrastructure industries, and provide users with a better smart life in more ways.