The audience in the 5G zone of the Service Trade Fair will experience the sense of the future. The
  5G communication service special exhibition area showcases the application scenarios of the intelligent connection of all things; the service robot exhibition area will stage "Service Robot Mobilization"

Intelligent integrated medical bed

Intelligent service robot

Unmanned helicopter

Unmanned delivery vehicle

Yesterday, Tianbing Group showcased its snowmaking machine.

Yesterday, Tianbing Group showcased its snowmaking machine.

  The 2020 Service Trade Fair will be held in Beijing in early September. According to reports, the 5G communication service special exhibition area and the service robot·intelligent technology special exhibition area will successively exhibit dazzling "black technology" products, showing future work and life scenes from multiple angles.

  The Beijing News reporter learned yesterday that as one of the 8 industry topics of the 2020 Service Trade Fair, 5G communication service topics will integrate 5G applications such as smart cities, family life, health care, education and entertainment, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and urban management. The service scenes show the audience a sense of the 5G future of "All Things Connected".

  Audiences can experience new entertainment in "5G Paradise"

  The 5G communication service special exhibition area will create a real-life interactive exhibition space, focusing on immersive 5G real experience and immersive participation, so that visitors can experience the 5G intelligent connection era in a "miniature 5G world" of nearly 2,000 square meters.

  There are six sections in the exhibition area. Visitors can experience 5G smart home appliances, 5G health monitoring, 5G smart education, 5G smart office and other smart services in the "5G life"; in the "5G Paradise", China Mobile will focus on displaying 5G network high Low rate, low latency, human and AI game competition under cloud service, 16-channel online broadcast, 4K/8K HD live broadcast, photo interaction with virtual characters, video ring back tone personal 5G service, home AI fitness life new scene, AR and home New methods of fixed-line communication, new applications of smart communities, new experiences of concerts on the same stage in different places, new visits to holographic museums, etc.

  In the "5G New Consumption" area, China Unicom will create a display covering clothing, food, housing, and transportation, such as showing a new mode of VR fitting. The audience only needs to stand in front of the screen, without touching, and wave their hands in the air to achieve the effect of fitting, reflecting the interest Sex.

  In the "5G New City" section, China Telecom will focus on the core capabilities and application scenarios of 5G smart cities. Audiences can experience new city services such as 5G smart government affairs, 5G smart communities, and 5G energy management. The demonstration of valet parking and autonomous driving in the "5G Smart Mobility" section, and the comprehensive plan of "5G Enterprise Virtual Private Network + Collaborative Manufacturing Cloud Platform + Industrial Applications" in the "5G New Industry" will also show the future of the 5G era Sense of.

  The internationalization of the 5G exhibition area has reached 40%

  This time, many leading companies will appear in the 5G exhibition area to showcase the entire 5G industry chain. Up to now, the internationalization of the 5G communication service exhibition area has reached 40%. The leading domestic companies in each sector will join international companies and international operators such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, and Austria.

  In addition to exhibits, the forum is also a highlight. The 5G Communication Service Forum at the Service Trade Fair this year will focus on topics such as the empowerment of 5G new infrastructure-emerging service industries, 5G and new consumption, and 5G and producer services. The forum not only invited representatives of leading companies and authoritative experts in the information and communication field, but also invited academician Chai Hongfeng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Steve Hoffman, the godfather of Silicon Valley venture capital, and McKinsey partners in the financial, investment, and consulting fields. Experts, discuss the in-depth impact of 5G on service trade from multiple dimensions.

  More than 24,000 5G base stations in Beijing

  The reporter learned that at present, my country's 5G network construction is accelerating at the pace of opening more than 15,000 new base stations every week. As of the end of June, the number of 5G base stations opened by 3 telecom operators nationwide exceeded 400,000; in terms of terminals, my country has already obtained 197 5G terminals for network access. As of the end of June, the shipment of 5G mobile phones had reached 86.23 million, and the number of terminals connected to the 5G network had reached 66 million.

  According to Wang De, director of the Electronics Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing is currently working hard to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G. As of the end of July, there were more than 24,000 5G base stations, and the plan is to accumulate more than 30,000 by the end of the year to achieve continuous outdoor coverage within the Fifth Ring Road and Beijing City Sub-center, and accurate coverage of key areas and typical application scenarios outside the Fifth Ring Road.

  Throat swab collection robot disinfection robot and other products appeared

  The exhibition area is over 10,000 square meters, with five major sections; the scale of my country's robot market in 2019 is approximately US$8.68 billion

  Beijing News As one of the 8 industry special exhibition areas of the Service Trade Fair in 2020, the service robot·intelligent technology special exhibition area will stage "Robot Mobilization", garbage sorting robots, disinfection robots, and throat swab collection robots will be unveiled to show the future Work and life scenes. The multi-legged robot will also perform unique tricks such as backflips and interact with the audience.

  The development of my country's service robots is already the world leader

  According to Liang Liang, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the global robot market in 2019 was about 29.41 billion U.S. dollars, and the average growth rate from 2014 to 2019 was about 12.3%. Among them, industrial robots were US$15.92 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2.8%; service robots were US$9.46 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14.1%; special robots were US$4.04 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10.1%. Service robots have the fastest growth in the field.

  The development of service robots in my country is already at the leading level in the world. In 2019, the size of my country's robot market was approximately US$8.68 billion, and the average growth rate from 2014 to 2019 reached 20.9%. Among them, industrial robots are 5.73 billion US dollars, service robots are 2.2 billion US dollars, and special robots are 750 million US dollars. my country's service robot market has accounted for more than a quarter of the global market.

  Beijing has advantages in developing service robots

  Geng Lei, director of the Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment Industry Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, believes that in the form of service trade, the addition of robots will derive more unmanned services from human services and coordinate services through humans and machines, including now Unmanned restaurants, unmanned shops, etc. that everyone is familiar with. The addition of robots adds a new element to the service trade.

  "Service trade is also a kind of feedback and promotion to the development of the robot industry." He said that from the development trajectory of the manufacturing industry, the service-oriented manufacturing is a trend. As the manufacturing industry develops to the high-end, in addition to becoming more intelligent, green and low-carbon Serving is also a trend. Service trade has promoted the development of the robot industry.

  When introducing the development of the service robot industry in Beijing, he said that Beijing has a natural advantage in the development of service robots. Beijing has strong scientific research capabilities and has many universities related to robot development and research. From the perspective of application and market, Beijing, a mega city, has more demand for elderly care, health, medical and other life services than small and medium-sized cities. Beijing has created a huge market application space for the development of service robots.

  In the field of medical and health care, the advantages of Beijing’s robotics industry are very prominent. The number of robotics companies in Beijing’s medical field accounts for about a quarter of the country, and Youtian Zhihang, the first surgical robot company to obtain the third-class medical machinery license in China, . In the field of intelligent logistics, Beijing also has a number of very outstanding companies. For example, Gigabyte has already accounted for 10% of the global market share of mobile robots. It is a genuine unicorn company with operational control to control 4000 robots at the same time. ability. In the commercial field, the Leopard Little Secret Service Robot products of Cheetah Company are also widely used in various public places such as hotels and restaurants. More than 10,000 robots have been deployed, leading the world in the promotion and application of service robots. In the household field, Roborock became the first service robot company in Beijing to land on the Sci-Tech version.

  Aspect 1

  Over 10,000 square meters show future work and life scenes

  According to Liang Liang, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the service robot and intelligent technology special exhibition area of ​​the Service Trade Fair covers an area of ​​10,800 square meters. The special zone will set up five major sections: "Smart Home", "Smart Logistics", "Smart Health", "Smart Business", and "Smart Environment" to fully display future work and life scenarios.

  The smart home exhibition area showcases the new ecological services of smart technology in the home scene through scene-based displays. It will showcase smart homes, scene-based robot interactive experiences, and 5G applications in controlling home scene devices.

  The smart logistics exhibition area mainly displays the application of robots in the field of unmanned distribution. It will show how unmanned distribution can reduce logistics costs in life, improve efficiency, save energy and environmental protection, and improve services.

  The smart health exhibition area mainly allows the audience to experience the convenience of the new smart health service model for healthy life from the perspective of viewing, listening, and touching. It will showcase the practical application of robots in medical, rehabilitation, and elderly care. Exhibits include exoskeleton robots Wait.

  The smart business exhibition area mainly reflects the innovation brought by smart technology to business, and will show the application of robots in the fields of finance, welcome, guidance, education, security and so on.

  The smart environment exhibition area mainly displays the application of new generation information technology and smart technology in the field of environmental services, such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and intelligent robots.

  Aspect 2

  Four-legged robot bionic shark will debut

  In the service robots·intelligent technology special exhibition area of ​​this service trade fair, the first-class robot companies bring the most advanced robot exhibits in the industry. At present, there are large technology companies including Siasun, JD, AVIC, Xingshen Intelligence, Kangliyoulan, Zhixingzhe, Zhongrui Funing, Kenqi, Boya Gongdao, Wanji, Shenhao, Hangzhou Yushu, etc. Dozens of robotics companies in China have confirmed to participate in the exhibition, and many of them are listed on the market, representing the forefront of robotics and intelligent technology.

  The exhibition will fully demonstrate the latest achievements in the development of the robotics industry, including exoskeleton robots, underwater robots, etc. will all debut. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition area has specially set up dynamic display areas such as bionic multi-legged robots and bionic sharks to enhance the interest of the exhibition. Four-legged robots will perform unique tasks such as backflips and automatic charging. Some companies will also hold press conferences at the scene to launch their latest mysterious products.

  In addition, the Institute of Electronics has also set up a science and technology anti-epidemic exhibition area in the comprehensive exhibition area. Products such as throat swab collection robots, disinfection robots and AI temperature measurement will be displayed in a concentrated manner, focusing on the contribution of service robots and intelligent technology in the epidemic.

  Aspect 3

  More than a dozen international companies bring leading products

  The service robots·intelligent technology special exhibition area of ​​this service trade fair is very rich in international elements, which can show the development level and application status of international service robots, and provide a reference for the technology research and development of Chinese robot enterprises.

  So far, the service robot intelligent technology special exhibition area of ​​the Service Trade Fair has attracted more than a dozen international companies from Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Israel and other countries.

  International companies represented by ABB, NEC, Qualcomm, etc. have brought the world's most advanced garbage sorting, smart elderly care, smart life, smart education and other service robot products and application solutions, which will meet the different needs of many international and domestic professional audiences .

  Aspect 4

  Top experts and scholars will discuss the frontiers of the industry

  In order to increase the participation of upstream and downstream industries, the special exhibition area invited many top experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, investors, etc. in the field of robotics and intelligent technology to carry out technical exchanges and upstream and downstream cooperation in the industry.

  Among them, the Digital Trade Development Trend and Frontier Summit Forum intends to invite industry heavyweight guests to in-depth discussions on development trends, industry frontiers, technological frontiers, hot topics, governance models, etc. Digital trade prospects in the post-epidemic era, the adjustment and transformation of the world economy, etc. will all become hot topics of the forum.

  The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology and the China Industrial Internet Research Institute will hold the 2020 Industrial Internet Summit Forum, inviting experts to analyze and interpret how to use data as a key production factor to inspire enterprises to use the industrial Internet to share upstream and downstream industrial chain resources and other content.

  The 2020 Intelligent Technology and Industry Development Forum will focus on hot topics such as Beidou's systematic and intelligent development, technology empowerment, and smart medical care.

  The 2020 Digital Economy Innovation and Development Forum will invite authoritative experts, scholars and business leaders to provide suggestions on the development strategy of digital economy empowering service trade, focusing on new directions, new formats, and new applications of the digital economy, and seizing the opportunities for the development of new generation information technology.

  It is worth noting that the special exhibition area plans to release the Beijing Robot Industry Planning Report.


  A second appointment is required to visit the robot exhibition area

  The Service Trade Fair provides an online reservation platform for exhibition audiences and forum audiences. It is worth noting that after the visitors to the Service Trade Fair make an appointment on the Service Trade Fair platform, if they want to visit the Service Robot·Intelligent Technology Special Exhibition Area, they need to make a second appointment in advance. In order not to affect your visit, the audience must make a second appointment online in advance.

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  A number of Winter Olympics service guarantee companies appeared at this service trade fair

  In September of this year, the winter sports exhibition area, an important part of the 2020 Service Trade Fair, will be launched in Beijing simultaneously. As in previous years, the winter sports exhibition area of ​​the Service Trade Fair this year also attracted a large number of well-known ice and snow companies at home and abroad. The reporter learned that the participating companies include Italy's Tianbing Group and Austrian Doppelmayr Group, and their products will serve the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Regarding the participation in this special exhibition, the heads of the two companies expressed that they hope to use the opportunity of the Service Trade Fair to show their brand characteristics once again and help the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  The reporter learned that starting from 2016, the Winter Expo has taken the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity, with the purpose of "realizing the connection with international winter sports resources and stimulating the development of China's ice and snow industry" to promote international sports, technology, cultural tourism, Integrated development of the health industry. After four years of development, the Winter Expo has become a global ice and snow industry event with a certain scale, high degree of internationalization, strong authority, high professionalism, and high public participation. This year, the Winter Expo will be merged with the Service Trade Fair to set up a special exhibition area for winter sports at the Service Trade Fair.

  As Tianbing Group, which has participated in the infrastructure construction and event service guarantee for the Winter Olympics for many years, it was a frequent visitor of the Winter Expo before. Tianbing will not be absent at this service trade fair winter sports special exhibition. At this service trade fair winter sports special exhibition, Tianbing plans to launch the main equipment models of the Winter Olympic Games-Tianbing cannon-type snow making machine and ENGO ice pouring truck. Through physical display and the development of ice and snow in the past 30 years In retrospect and other ways, increase the publicity of ice and snow equipment and technology, further promote the corresponding product technology, and let more people understand and be familiar with ice and snow sports. "I look forward to letting more people know about Tianbing's products at the exhibition in a month's time, and I am very willing to make a contribution to the Winter Olympics." The winter sports exhibition is a high-quality platform to promote its own product technology, participate in industry exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the development of China's ice and snow industry.

  Also appearing in the special exhibition area for winter sports of the China Service and Trade Fair will be Doppelmayr Group, an Austrian company with a century-old history in the field of ropeway manufacturing. Since entering the Chinese market in 1993, it has maintained close contact with the Chinese market. Trade exchanges and cooperation, all 9 ropeways of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Alpine Ski Center have adopted Doppelmayr equipment.

  They also have their own expectations for participating in the Service Trade Fair. Li Yanqiu, general manager of Doppelmayr China, said that he hopes to take advantage of the opportunity of the Service Trade Fair to show brand characteristics once again and help the Winter Olympics. Make the ice and snow industry more popular and develop better. This year, Doppelmayr will showcase the new generation of D-Line ropeway and the new fifth-generation gondola developed by its subsidiary in the winter sports special exhibition area of ​​the Service Trade Fair.

  Beijing News reporter Zhang Lu and Pei Jianfei

  Photograph of this edition/Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin and Li Muyi Source: China Institute of Electronics