US President Donald Trump signed four decrees on Saturday that will bring a second economic emergency package for the corona crisis, after negotiations on this in the US congress had failed.

Among other things, the emergency package protects tenants from eviction, interest on student loans from the state remains 0 percent and people who earn less than $ 100,000 a year do not have to pay wage tax.

The decree also continues temporary unemployment benefit, although it has been reduced from $ 600 per week to $ 400 per week.

Democrats and Republicans negotiated the cost of the emergency kit in Congress for nearly two weeks. The Democrats wanted to make $ 3.4 trillion available, the Republicans and the White House didn't want to go above $ 1 trillion.

In the end, the Democrats, led by Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, settled to $ 2.4 trillion, but that amount was rejected by the Republicans.

By signing the presidential decrees, Trump bypasses the democratic majority the emergency package would need if it were to be passed by the House of Representatives. The Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives.

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