Beijing consumption season will have "gifts" from the snowy plateau

  News from our newspaper (reporter Wang Dongliang) At the same time as the "Colorful Life Month" event of the Beijing consumption season launched yesterday, in Lhasa, 3700 kilometers away from Beijing, hosted by Beijing Daily, the new e-commerce platform Pinduoduo and Lhasa Pure Land The “Taste of the Tibetan Plateau on the Bite of the Tongue” hosted by the group has also set off a consumption boom on the Internet. The 14-hour live broadcast attracted enthusiastic responses from more than 890,000 netizens. More high-quality agricultural products from the snow-covered plateau will quickly fly to the homes of consumers across the country, and farmers and herdsmen in Lhasa will also get a better harvest.

  In this event, the highland barley quinoa dogule, Tibetan eggs, yak meat sauce, cold fresh yak meat, 7100 drinking water, Tashi, produced by farmers and herdsmen in Tibet and deeply processed by local state-owned enterprises High-quality products such as snow yogurt were introduced to consumers across the country. As the “sub-venue” of the Beijing consumption season in Lhasa, all the products on the public welfare live broadcast are the agricultural and poverty alleviation products jointly cultivated by Beijing and Tibet.

  The live broadcast lasted 14 hours and attracted more than 890,000 viewers. 1,000 special highland barley quinoa instant oatmeal were robbed within one hour. The live broadcast store gained tens of thousands of fans, an increase of 3100% from the previous month. The live broadcast also led to a 488% increase in searches for quinoa and 390% for yak meat in Tibet that day.

  Meng Huan, the person in charge of the public welfare project of Shanghai Xunmeng Information Technology Co., Ltd., which provides a sales platform, introduced that as of July 31, the platform has undertaken a total of 320 million orders and sold 19.1 agricultural and sideline products. 100 million catties, helping more than 680,000 farmers. She said: “Consuming poverty alleviation, increasing the flow and visibility of local characteristic agricultural products in Tibet, and directly driving the sales transformation of poverty alleviation products. We are willing to continue to assume corporate social responsibility, and in the historical process of fully realizing a well-off society, we will cooperate with units including Beijing Daily Together, do more efforts."

  The person in charge of the Pure Land Group of Lhasa said that improving the efficiency of agricultural product sales is an important means to help farmers and herdsmen in Tibet get rid of poverty and become a "happiness secret" on the road to a well-off society. Through professional cooperatives and other new production, processing, and sales models, farmers and herdsmen with weak market development capabilities can achieve "sales upgrade". The "zero middleman" model has also greatly reduced the cost of circulation, allowing consumers to achieve "consumption upgrades" without increasing expenditures.

  Due to the special geographical conditions and location, the key to creating "high-quality plateau agricultural products" is to follow the brand line so that the inland consumer market can understand and understand the high quality and uniqueness of Tibetan agricultural products "clean air, water, and pure land". The person in charge of the organizer stated that Beijing Daily Newspaper Group takes advantage of media integration and communication, actively provides online public welfare sales platforms, and actively tries to innovate consumption poverty alleviation models, so that more Tibetan poverty alleviation specialties can be plugged into the wings of e-commerce, so that more have never gone out. The low-income people on the plateau sell their high-quality products to the whole country to increase their income and lead a happy life. Support and encourage low-income farmers and herdsmen in Lhasa to achieve "blood-making" poverty alleviation through their own efforts.