Beer clinking clinking crayfish to bring up a delicious carnival in the summer, busy clocking in, Beijing opens the city that never sleeps     a
  new round of Beijing consumer vouchers opens to grab special store specials

The first Beijing Sports Consumption Festival kicked off photography in Wukesong Huaxi / reporter Huang Liang

2020 "Summer of Carnival" amusement park will start photography at Shijingshan Amusement Park / Wang Zhenlong

Wangjing Street was officially opened to the public for photography last night / reporter Wei Tong

  Longfu Temple Guochao Book Fair attracts many citizens to participate in photography / our reporter Hao Yi

  Implementation of Six Stability and Six Guarantees

  News from our newspaper (reporter Li Jia) Yesterday, with the issuance of a new round of Beijing consumer coupons, the city officially launched the "Colorful Life Month" activity around the Beijing consumption season, the first of the "Hua Cai Qiuyun" online concert series A large number of exciting events such as live broadcasts, selection of the first Internet celebrity check-in location, the first sports consumption festival, the hi-eat lobster festival, the colorful night capital, and the parent-child carnival will take turns to let consumers taste the integration of business travel and culture, the intersection of tradition and modernity , The integration of technology and life creates a dazzling consumption atmosphere of Beijing and the whole city.

  The new batch of Beijing consumer vouchers issued have increased the incentives and expanded the scope of use. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily saw it on the homepage of the JD App and clicked on the "Beijing Consumer Voucher" logo in the upper left corner of the page to enter the voucher page. There are two discount coupons of RMB 10 for purchases over 40 yuan, one coupon for discounts of RMB 20 for purchases over 80 yuan, and RMB 40 for purchases over 160 yuan. The coupons are valid for 14 days. There are two types of smart coupons: online and offline. Consumers can only choose one of them. Both are 10% off for 2,000 yuan, and the maximum discount is 400 yuan.

  It is worth mentioning that in the past, the threshold for using offline dining and shopping vouchers has been reduced from 50 yuan to 40 yuan. The number of coupons has been increased from 60 yuan per card pack with 3 coupons to 80 yuan per card pack with 4 coupons. The original accumulated use of 350 yuan to enjoy the 120 yuan discount, adjusted to the cumulative use of 320 yuan to enjoy the 120 yuan discount. For example, for a consumer bill of 160 yuan, you can use a coupon of 160 yuan minus 40 yuan, and the enterprise will save another 20 yuan, and the consumer can pay 100 yuan. According to the person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the new round of Beijing consumer vouchers will expand the scope of participating businesses and the number of stores, adding professional specialty stores on the basis of existing catering, shopping malls, shopping centers, time-honored brands, and specialty stores. Special offers and further expand the coverage of stores where consumer coupons can be used.

  In the hot summer, drinking beer, skewers and eating crayfish are the "net celebrities" in the night snack world. Driven by the atmosphere of the restart of the consumption season in Beijing, the Guijie diners flooded the door last night. At 8 p.m., at Huajia Yiyuan’s Guijie Courtyard Headquarters, the first catering industry special promotion event in the second half of the year, "Fun Beijing Food, Eat Lobster Festival" was launched on Guijie by live-streaming shop exploration, helping to fuel the city’s “fireworks” upsurge. This time, we will focus on delicious crayfish, with Guijie Dining Street, Huaxi LIVE·Wukesong and Wanfeng Dining Street as the axis, using Meituan and Dianping APP as online platforms to gather multiple shopping Center linkage.

  Promoting parent-child family consumption activities is also a key event in the Beijing consumption season. Yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce opened parent-child performances, LOVE MORE markets, interactive experiences and other "Parent-Child Carnival" activities in Beijing Hualian Changying Shopping Center, providing a wealth of surrounding families Parent-child experience activities. The seven stores of Cuiwei Department Store linked online and offline, and launched offline "Grow Together, Wonderful Together" discount activities, and the discount was reduced to an unprecedented level. Zihexin Department Store has launched a mode of shopping for pets. Parent-child night market, cultural and creative hand-made, beer and delicacy are online one by one, and there are more interactive entertainment experiences such as parent-child entertainment, perfect contract every night.

  Home event

  Longfu Temple Longfu Building

  Touch screen "light up"

  Internet celebrity check-in map

  At around 6 o'clock last night, as the future Beijing Internet celebrity check-in map located on the first floor of Longfu Building, Longfu Temple was "lighted up" through the touch screen, the "first Beijing celebrity check-in location selection activity" was officially launched. It is reported that the scope of this selection activity is divided into four categories: natural landscape, human landscape, life service, and comprehensive. From now until 24:00 on August 28, citizens and tourists can follow the WeChat public of "Cultural Tourism Beijing" In the column of "Internet celebrity check-in locations" selection activity column of the number, recommend your favorite Beijing "Internet celebrity check-in locations". The final list will be officially announced in mid to late October.

  At the launching ceremony, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism also introduced 10 "Walking Beijing" urban leisure and cultural routes and 40 Beijing suburbs vacation routes. In addition, the city will continue to carry out seven cultural and tourism themed activities such as "Traveling in the Suburbs of Beijing", "Dancing Beijing", "Singing Beijing", "Playing in Beijing", "Image Beijing", "Art Beijing" and "Reading Beijing" to enrich the citizens Color life.

  According to reports, Beijing Longfu Temple will start the Deep Blue Plan in August. The first stage is the Guochao Book Fair. 136 high-quality brand products, more than 60 publishing units, and Internet celebrity bookstores will be set up on-site in the Cultural and Creative Park. Cultural, fashion books.

  National Theatre

  The world's first live broadcast of stage art 5G+8K

  The National Centre for the Performing Arts "Hua Cai Qiuyun" online concert series was staged in the concert hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts last night. For the first time, this concert was broadcast live using the "8K+5G" technology, so that the public audience could feel the live atmosphere in Wangfujing, Zhongguancun and other places.

  The theme of this concert is "Prosperous Voices". The repertoire includes "Lyrical Suite" by Norwegian composer Grieg and "Voltava" by Czech composer Smetana. In order to allow more citizens to enjoy the concert, the National Centre for the Performing Arts has installed 8K TVs in eight areas of the Grand Theatre's Petal Hall, Haidian Exhibition Center Conference Center, Huaxi LIVE, Zhongguancun Pedestrian Street, Financial Street Shopping Center, Han's Square, Wangfujing, and Sanlitun. Display terminals such as 5G mobile phones will be broadcast live simultaneously, and citizens can watch the live performance of the concert "8K+5G" at these eight locations.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that this concert achieved 5 firsts: the world’s first live broadcast of stage art 5G+8K, the first use of 5G+8K broadcast vehicles for stage art performances, the first use of the 5G network of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, and the first time 8K signals passed 5G. The commercial network carried out CDN distribution, and 8K TV and consumer-grade set-top boxes realized live broadcast to the public for the first time.

  Wukesong Huaxi LIVE

  Football stars bring fire to National Fitness Day

  Yesterday was the 12th National Fitness Day in my country. At 8:30 that night, the first Beijing Sports Consumption Festival was officially launched at Huaxi LIVE·Wukesong Central Plaza. A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw at the scene that many citizens enjoyed leisure time while watching the launching ceremony on a large screen.

  At the launch ceremony, the two twin "football boys" Rao Mingyu and Rao Minghao attracted a lot of attention. Although they are only 10 years old, they have been playing football for 4 years. In addition, football stars Shao Jiayi and Liu Ying came to the scene and jointly announced the start of the 37th Beijing Football Cup.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, the Beijing Sports Consumption Festival-Beijing International Long-distance Running Festival series of activities "Brave Forward, Fitness Beijing Movement" online running and "Run to 2022" park half-marathon online race (Phase 1 ) And other 6 sports events, you can register through the official mobile client of the Beijing Sports Federation. As of August 7, the number of applicants has reached 50,000.

  In addition, the live broadcast of the first Beijing Sports Consumption Festival is divided into two parts: the 4th Beijing Softball Classic and a scientific fitness presentation and live delivery. Scientific fitness presentations and live broadcasts were integrated. Guests such as Olympic champion Yang Ling and well-known football commentator Xu Yang came to the live broadcast room to bring the goods to help Beijing sports consumption and accelerate the resumption of work in the sports industry. This group of articles / reporter Xie Li Liu Yang Li Jia

  Highlights of each district

  Chaoyang Wangjing Street officially unveiled, "Tide Chaoyang" promotion restart

  An international pedestrian commercial district transformed from an old neighborhood-Wangjing Street was officially opened to the public last night. The block focuses on international style, with shopping pavilions, markets, restaurants, sky screens, art exhibitions, cinemas, bars, etc., and will become another landmark commercial block in the east of Beijing.

  Wangjing Street used to be a traditional block with outdated facilities, messy business, and dislocation of functions. Now it has transformed into a fashionable and vibrant new block with "internationalization + culture + technology support". Chaoyang District adopts the model of "government investment + social capital", and party building leads multi-party collaboration to create "five" five aspects in social capital participation in block renewal, characteristic commercial and cultural street construction, international talent community construction, urban refined management, and smart neighborhood governance. model".

  A short 380-meter small street creates a variety of leisure spaces. The shops on both sides are row upon row, attracting more than 200 brand enterprises to settle in, including restaurants, cinemas, bars, cultural and creative markets, supermarkets, etc., among which there are many new brands and Internet celebrity IP formats. Next, Wangjing Street will start a three-month international "Brand Week", where fashion feasts will continue to be held, and citizens will be invited to participate. In addition, Wangjing Xiaojie will organize international brand activities such as Beijing International Fashion Week, Chaoyang Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Conference-International Innovation Week, etc., to build a platform for brand enterprise launches and international cultural exchanges, making Wangjing the first choice for international talents to settle down. Entrepreneurship gathering place.

  Chaoyang District's "Tide Chaoyang" consumption season large-scale consumption promotion activities have also been fully restarted. This consumption season will last until the National Day. During the event, Chaoyang District will unite more than 20 key business districts, commercial districts, and more than 500 businesses in the district. , To organize a series of activities such as shopping carnival, parent-child festival, night capital, store celebration discounts, etc., to send discounts to citizens and promote consumption. Text/Reporter Li Zewei

  On-site demonstration of Haidian chef’s intangible cultural heritage skills

  On the evening of August 8, the 18th Zhongguancun International Food Festival opened. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that this event is one of the events at the Haidian branch of the Beijing Consumer Season in 2020. In the following month, the chef of the restaurant appeared on the scene of the food festival, producing and selling famous dishes on the spot. At the same time, citizens can also taste the special products of Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, France and other countries, as well as Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places; non-genetic inheritors will show the skills of dough, sugar, and sugar painting on site.

  Last night, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily came to the Urban and Rural China Central Place Shopping Center near Gongzhufen. There are many stalls on both sides of the main entrance. Consumers can enjoy wine, go to the market, buy food, experience traditional culture, and provide "eating, drinking and fun" "Entertainment shopping" one-stop service. It is understood that the Zhongguancun International Food Festival is composed of three sections: a boutique food exhibition area, an on-site catering production and sales area, and a cultural and creative intangible heritage exhibition area. Among them, in the on-site catering production and sales area, Haidian District Sanyang Dishes, old beer, Mingxuan, Zhongtongjia, Duyichu, Wangshun Pavilion, Youth Restaurant, Guan Shi Chuan Bar, Oriental Dumpling King, Zheng Yiwei, etc. were invited 10 well-known brand catering companies, during the Zhongguancun International Food Festival, catering chefs will produce and sell famous delicacies on site, dedicating a visual and taste feast to consumers.

  In the fine food exhibition area, imported food from Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, France, as well as special products from Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places are sold on-site, creating a strong atmosphere for food consumption; in the cultural and creative intangible heritage exhibition area , Non-genetic inheritors will show face men, sugar men, sugar paintings, inner paintings, straw weaving, lacquerware, cotton candy, gourd heat transfer, Miao silver inlays, woolly monkeys, shadow puppets, etc.

  It is reported that the 18th Zhongguancun International Food Festival will last until October, during which there will be activities such as the introduction of food into the community and the food and beverage exposition. Text / reporter Wang Bin

  Shijingshan "Summer of Carnival" Garden Party creates a dreamy check-in place

  The 2020 "Carnival Summer" garden party with the theme of "Romantic Starlight, Cool Summer" has been opened in Shijingshan Amusement Park, and the garden will last until August 31. This event incorporates leisure and cultural elements such as lighting and food, and launches summer activities such as Starlight Paradise check-in tour, cool entertainment carnival, gourmet beer carnival, etc. At the same time, free tickets and special experience coupons will be issued through official WeChat and Weibo.

  According to reports, one of the highlights of the "Summer of Carnival" garden party is the "light show" from 5:30 pm. There are many fantastic starlight check-in points in the amusement park. The graceful and smart lights are deeply integrated with landmarks such as Cinderella Castle, Star Dream Lake, Ferris Wheel, Constellation Avenue, Blue Bridge, Flying Over the World, etc., creating a unique midsummer night A new space of fantasy light and shadow, creating a dreamy and creative check-in resort for Jingxi night.

  In addition to the classic events such as the Ferris wheel, the big pendulum, the pirate ship, and the royal carousel, the summer water projects such as white-water brave advancement, grand sprint, canyon rafting, etc. will let tourists eliminate summer fatigue in a cool and cool entertainment method ; More new items such as motorcycle youth and rotating spacecraft were unveiled, providing tourists with more choices and enjoying the joy of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Feiyue World’s special planetary exploration park is based on interstellar exploration, focusing on children’s games and parent-child themes; the dynamic starry sky is accompanied by music to show visitors the gorgeous meteor shower, allowing visitors to experience different colors of outer space.

  Food is essential. On the Avenue of Stars, with the theme of "Twelve Constellations" favorite food, set up 24 Chinese and foreign specialty businesses to create exclusive gourmet drinks for the Twelve Constellations. At the same time, the Crawfish Oktoberfest will also start. During the event, more than ten kinds of fine wines including Yanjing U8 beer, German dark beer, and special red wine are for tourists to taste. The person in charge of Shijingshan Amusement Park introduced that in order to give back to the general public and tourists, during the event, the park’s official WeChat and Weibo will carry out a variety of interactive activities, and will issue free tickets and special invitation experience coupons (including 6 amusement projects).

  Text / reporter Xie Li