On August 8, Shang Yulan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Urumqi Municipal People’s Government, stated at the 22nd Press Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control in Xinjiang that during the epidemic, financial institutions will not draw loans to small, medium and micro enterprises in Urumqi. Loans and pressures on loans, lending interest rates fall by 10%.

  Shang Yulan said that in order to reduce the impact of the epidemic, help companies solve difficulties, and overcome difficulties, Urumqi has implemented relevant national and autonomous region policies, combined with actual conditions, and introduced a number of fiscal and financial, tax and fee reductions, and job stabilization. Policies and measures to alleviate the difficulties of enterprise development.

  One is to reduce production and operation costs. All enterprises can appropriately reduce the housing provident fund payment ratio this year, to a minimum of 5%.

  The second is to increase financial support. Support the production enterprises of epidemic prevention materials to increase production capacity, and subsidize 20% of the investment in additional equipment for production enterprises that increase production capacity during the period of the epidemic. For projects that effectively release production capacity, the municipal finance provides full loan discounts. During the epidemic, financial institutions did not draw, cut off loans, or suppress loans to all small, medium and micro enterprises in the city, and the loan interest rate dropped by 10%.

  The third is to provide living allowances to stabilize employment. Subsistence allowances are provided to migrant workers in Uzbekistan. Among them, students from colleges and secondary schools in and out of Xinjiang who come to Uganda as interns will receive a living allowance of 600 yuan per person per month, and a food allowance of 600 yuan per person per month for their internship enterprises. .

  The fourth is to improve government services. In accordance with the principle of “online” and “zero meeting”, remote approval services and electronic bidding were carried out, and the approval time was reduced from the original 120 working days to 70 working days.

  The fifth is to implement help companies to relieve their difficulties. In response to the shortage of raw materials and other issues, the city’s "Key Recommended Industrial Product Catalogue" has been compiled to increase publicity and promotion.

  (Reporter Zhao Yamin edited by Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Chen Haifeng]