Meal while wearing... "Saizeriya" Proposing new mask usage August 7th, 18:30


The restaurant chain "Saizeriya" has begun to call for the use of a new mask that allows you to eat while wearing it. As the new coronavirus infection spreads again, we would like to ease the anxiety of the visitors to the infection.

Saizeriya calls for the customer to fold their mask in half and then cover it with a paper napkin.

Since there is a space between the paper napkin and the face, you can carry food and drink with your mask on.

It is said that we have not verified whether infection can be prevented, but I think that it can be expected to have the effect of preventing jumps during conversation during meals.

As the number of customers visiting the store has continued to decline due to the new coronavirus, it is feared that the infection will spread again and the customer's foot will be further away. I am calling.

President Kazunari Hori said, "If requests for refraining from self-restraint are repeated in the future, management will become quite severe, so I would like to use various wisdom to restore eating out even if the infection does not stop."