At 7 pm on August 1st, Chen He's Douyin special live broadcast started. In the 6 hours and 24 minutes of live broadcast, according to the data of the Delidou platform, Chen He completed 55,000 single sales and 5.007 million sales. , And the sales of this live broadcast are less than 1/10 of Chen He's sales of more than 56 million yuan in the first live broadcast.

  Celebrities with goods are difficult to solve the "debut is the peak" curse

  On May 16, Chen He opened the first live show on Douyin with goods. According to the data of the Delidou platform, in the 4-hour live broadcast, Chen He’s estimated sales of live broadcasts were 373,000 units, estimated sales of 56.193 million yuan, total viewers 50.98 million, and the peak number of live broadcast rooms was 707,000.

  In addition to Chen He, celebrities such as Liu Tao and Hua Shao flooded the studio. On May 14, Liu Tao started her anchor career as the official selection officer of Juhuasuan. According to Juhuasuan’s report, Liu Tao’s 4 live broadcasts were over 100 million yuan, of which the GMV of the fourth "6.6 Festival" reached 220 million. Yuan, set a new record for star live broadcast.

  Hua Shao, the star host known as "China's Good Tongue", joined Kuaishou as the anchor anchor. In Kuaishou’s first year-end promotion "616 Quality Shopping Festival", Feigua data showed that Hua Shao’s live broadcast lasted nearly 5 hours, with 50 products on the shelves, sales of 130,000 orders, and total sales of nearly 170 million. yuan.

  Stars bring their own halo into the live streaming industry, relying on their popularity and fan effect, they have become more enthusiastic about live streaming and quickly gained a share. But the good times didn't last long. After "debut is the peak", he continued to decline and became a star and it is difficult to solve the curse.

  According to data from the Delidou platform, Liu Tao had a live broadcast on July 29. The total number of viewers of the live broadcast was 218,800, and the highest number of online viewers in the live room was 2,487. The sales volume was 3,142 pieces and the sales volume was 500.7 million yuan, which was only 220 million GMV before. About one thousandth. In the live broadcast of Hua Shao on July 31, the peak number of online people in the live broadcast room was 28,400, the sales volume was 32,100, and the sales volume was 14.881,800 yuan, less than one-tenth of the first live show.

  From Chen He's live broadcast data may better reflect the decline in the popularity of celebrities. The Delidou platform recorded 8 live broadcasts of Chen He from May 16 to August 1. Sales dropped from 56.193 million yuan on May 16 to 5.007 million on August 1, and after July There are no more live broadcasts with tens of millions of goods.

  Calm down with live delivery

  In an interview with the media, Xie Jianhua, director of operations for the live data monitoring platform Cicada, said that UV value (sales/visitors) is an important reference for judging the value of anchors. From a data point of view, the current star's UV is generally lower, that is, more traffic is converted. less. Wei Pengju, Dean of the Institute of Cultural Economics of Central University of Finance and Economics, also put forward: “How to divert from popularity to selling goods, celebrity artists need to be professionally'carrying goods' for live broadcasting."

  In addition to the lack of "down-to-earthness" and lack of quality in carrying goods, the overall calmness of the live broadcasting environment may be a more important reason. According to the TOP50 data of Fat Ball’s live broadcast sales list, the sales of TOP50 live broadcasts with goods in June were 13.499 billion yuan; the sales of TOP50 live broadcasts with goods in July were 8.034 billion yuan; the sales of live broadcasts with goods in July decreased compared with June. 40%.

  From a single anchor point of view, Wei Ya's live broadcast turnover in July was 2.103 billion yuan, which was 400 million yuan less than the 2.525 billion yuan in June. Sanda's sales of 1.6 billion yuan in June fell directly out of the TOP50 sales list in July. Simba's 526 million yuan in July was also 300 million yuan less than in June; Xiao Shenlong was still 673 million yuan in June and fell out of the TOP50 list in July.

  Affected by the epidemic, live delivery of goods broke out this year. Data shows that e-commerce live broadcasts exceeded 4 million in the first quarter, and the number of live broadcast users reached 560 million. Up to now, it can be found that the live streaming industry has gradually calmed down, while at the same time the supervision has been continuously tightened. On June 24, the China Advertising Association released the first "Code of Conduct for Online Live Marketing", which comprehensively regulates various behaviors in live broadcast e-commerce. The "Specification" has been formally implemented since July 1. "It is forbidden to falsify or tamper with transaction data and user reviews by using traffic fraud methods such as order brushing and letter speculation."

  Nanfang Daily reporter Zhou Zhongyu