China News Agency, Beijing, August 7 (Reporter Xia Bin) A statement issued by ByteDance on the 7th in response to the executive order of the US government stated that the latest executive order issued by the US President did not follow due process of law. I was shocked and believed that this executive order would undermine the trust of global companies in the United States’ commitment to the rule of law.

  The statement pointed out that in the past year, we have been seeking to communicate with the US government in a sincere manner and provide constructive solutions to their concerns. But what we are facing is that the U.S. government disregards the facts, does not follow due process of law to decide the terms of the agreement without authorization, and even tries to interfere in the negotiations between private companies.

  The statement stated that for decades, it is the trust of global companies in the U.S. rule of law that has attracted foreign investment and promoted U.S. economic growth. The order set a dangerous precedent that violated freedom of expression and open markets. We will make every effort to take all feasible measures to ensure that the rule of law is not abandoned and that our company and users are treated fairly. If the US government cannot treat us fairly, we will resort to the US courts.

  The statement also said that for 100 million American users, TikTok is their home to express themselves, entertain, and connect with each other. We hope they know: TikTok has never and will never shake our commitment. We always put user safety and community trust first. (Finish)