China News Service, Harbin, August 7 (Liu Decai, Li Na, Feng Xinli) On the 7th, the 6,281 tourist train from Harbin slowly stopped at Mohe Station. 260 tourists enjoyed the "Shenzhou North Pole" and enjoyed the refreshing heat. This is the Harbin Railway International Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd., organized and launched this year's first "Looking for the North" tourist train. The country's northernmost city, Mohe, once again offers tourists a trip to find the north to cool off.

  In recent years, the "Shenzhou Arctic" Mohe City has relied on the country's northernmost location advantage, focusing on ecological and ice-snow tourism culture cards, and its tourist attraction has greatly increased and become a business card for tourism in Heilongjiang Province. Last year alone, Mohe City was connected to 247 special tourist trains from all over the country.

The picture shows tourists visiting the "Shenzhou Arctic". Provided by Harbin Railway

  In July, China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. relied on the advantages of railway resources to operate tourist trains, actively stimulated domestic tourism demand, and organized its travel companies to actively expand the "Weekend Longjiang" project, forming major well-known scenic spots covering the whole province of Heilongjiang and eastern Inner Mongolia. The boutique tourist route.

  The "Weekend Longjiang, Refreshing to the North Pole" theme tourism project also includes many attractions such as Arctic Village, Guanyin Mountain, Wudalianchi Volcano, etc. The tour route is full of tourists in a short period of time and is popular with tourists.

  According to the railway department, in the near future, Harbin Railway International Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. will launch a special intra-provincial tourism train from Harbin to Fuyuan and Jiansanjiang, and a special inter-provincial tourism train from Harbin to Hulunbuir, to further meet the diverse travel needs of tourists and help the tourism industry The recovery is picking up. (Finish)