The gambling market has a new gendarme in place, the ANJ. - IStock / City Presse

More than one in two French people is a player. As attractive as it is risky, the very flourishing gambling market must be supervised. Since the opening of the sector to competition on the Web, it was the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (Arjel), an independent body, which controlled Internet transactions.

But the situation has changed: it is now the National Gaming Authority, known as ANJ, which succeeds Arjel with an enlarged regulatory territory and strengthened powers, and this since June 2020.

All market components

Far from being limited to the Web, this new body has jurisdiction over all components of the gambling market. Its mission revolves around four axes: preventing excessive gambling as well as fraudulent activities, but also ensuring the integrity of operations, while ensuring a balance between the various gambling sectors.

For educational purposes, this authority provides the general public with various informative and prevention content on its official portal. In particular, you will find a practical guide to mastering your game and preventing it from becoming an addiction, a useful link to, which offers a test to determine if you are trying a little too much luck, or reminders of the game. current legislation and the role of the Gambling Mediator, competent for any dispute in the sector.
If the design and presentation can be improved, this platform intends to bring a little more clarity to a market which represents no less than 50 billion euros in stakes.


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