Jinko Technology won the 2GW photovoltaic project in Abu Dhabi
  and officially signed a 30-year power purchase agreement with EWEC. Chairman Li Xiande said to further enhance brand influence in the international photovoltaic power generation market

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  Shandong Jining 300KW water surface floating distributed project.

  Recently, as one of the successful bidders of the Al Dhafra project, Jinko Technology and the United Arab Emirates Hydropower Company (EWEC) formally signed a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  Possesses a gigawatt scale project

  Founded in 2011, JinkoPower is a well-known global independent photovoltaic power plant manufacturer specializing in the development of power assets, power station construction, power plant operation and maintenance, investment management, power production and sales of photovoltaic new energy. Supply sustainable and economical clean energy within the scope. As of the end of 2019, JinkoPower has connected about 3GW of photovoltaic power plant projects to the grid. The company is currently in a period of strong growth and has a strong preparatory project with a scale of one gigawatt. Professional development capabilities, highly integrated solar value chain, understanding of regional markets, customer-certified solar technology and EPC management, coupled with smooth project financing and continuous asset theorem, enable Jinko’s gigawatt power projects to operate efficiently.

  Jinko Power is committed to actively developing the growing demand for practical applications of solar energy with advanced technology, project financing, EPC construction and legal experts in the solar field. At the same time, the group also provides its customers with expertise in energy development, EPC construction, project financing and asset management (operation and maintenance) services, and provides customers with large-scale solar power generation facilities within budget with an honest and professional service network.

  The project can satisfy 160,000 UAE families

  Recently, as one of the successful bidders of the Al Dhafra project, Jinko Technology and the United Arab Emirates Hydropower Company (EWEC) formally signed a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  The total installed capacity of the project is about 2GW, and it will be another large-scale photovoltaic project tendered by the local government after the successful operation of Abu Dhabi's first large-scale photovoltaic project of 1,117 MW Noor Abu Dhabi. Previously, Jinko Technology and the French Electric Power Company (EDF) formed a consortium to participate in the bidding of the project, and ranked first in the public announcement results of EWEC in April 2020 with a historical price of 1.35 cents/kWh.

  According to the official estimate of Abu Dhabi Energy Corporation, after the Al Dhafra project is completed and put into operation, the power generation will be able to meet the electricity needs of approximately 160,000 UAE households. It also increases the total installed photovoltaic capacity of Abu Dhabi to about 3.2GW, which can reduce carbon emissions by more than 3.6 million metric tons per year, which is equivalent to reducing the emissions of 720,000 vehicles on the road.

  The project will set new records in terms of power generation capacity and electricity prices

  Li Xiande, Chairman of Jinko Technology, said, “Jinko Technology has always been committed to the reform and reshaping of the future energy system, actively envisioning and participating in the practice of various energy service fields. We are very optimistic about the renewable energy market in the Middle East. Al The construction of the Dhafra project will help promote Abu Dhabi's energy transition and sustainable development. This is also an important opportunity for us to further enhance our brand influence and competitive position in the international photovoltaic power generation market."

  At the same time, Li Xiande added, “The Al Dhafra project not only marks another important milestone in Abu Dhabi’s utility-scale power generation, it will also set new records in terms of single-plant power generation capacity and competitive electricity prices. With our other business channels In the global implementation, Jinko Technology will continue to fulfill its commitment to provide consumers, power purchasers and the world with renewable energy."

  Othman Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of the United Arab Emirates Hydropower Corporation (EWEC), said: “We are very pleased to sign this record low solar power PPA with our partners. We are working hard to ensure long-term energy supply and strengthen solar power. The overall role in meeting current and future energy needs. Combined with key technological advances, the Al Dhafra project will also have great significance for the diversification of our current power supply methods. Based on our development of a low-carbon power grid in the UAE, this further promotes Our strategic plan includes the transformation of water and electricity production."

  In addition, Bruno Bensasson, CEO of EDF Renewable Energy, said: “We are very proud to have obtained the world’s largest solar project in Al Dhafra. This success reflects our cooperation in Abu Dhabi. Scientific and technological cooperation submitted to EWEC the quality of the bidding project. Whether it is a solar project or the 400 MW wind farm under construction in Saudi Arabia, it clearly demonstrates our commitment and determination to actively participate in the energy transition in the Middle East. The Middle East is in low carbon The ambitious and extensive layout in the energy sector also has extremely high strategic significance for us."

  Vigorously developing green, low-carbon, high-efficiency, and renewable energy is an inevitable trend in international energy development. After completion, the Al Dhafra project will become the world's largest single solar power station, and it will also be a milestone photovoltaic project in the field of green energy under my country's "Belt and Road" initiative, and will serve as a technology demonstration and benchmark for the entire photovoltaic industry. At the same time, the project further demonstrates Jinko's global competitive advantage and its ability to integrate solutions. "Standing on a global level, using a global perspective, integrating the most appropriate resources, and accomplishing the ultimate value realization is our constant goal." Li Xiande concluded.

  Beijing News reporter Liu Chang