Samsung Electronics unveiled a new Galaxy product. Normally, thousands of people were invited to showcase these new products, but Corona19 is increasing the number of companies that release new products online.

This is reporter Kim Hye-min.


Responds to applause and emoticon on the introduction of Galaxy Note 20, 300 customers around the world connected by video.

[Noh Tae-Moon, President/Samsung Electronics Wireless Division: Announces the new Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra!]

Every year, Samsung Electronics' new product release event has been held in the United States by inviting thousands of media and partners.

This time, it was the first online live broadcast method.

56 million people watched the Unpack event on their website and YouTube.

To keep consumers' attention for a long time, we tried various contents such as BTS and artist'Kalid'.

It is a self-help measure to help companies in the long-term of corona announce the competitiveness of their products as the offline new product release event disappears and quickly changes to online.

It also has the advantage of being able to communicate with far more consumers than offline, and to share reactions to new products in real time.

When LG unveiled its smartphone LG Velvet in June, LG introduced a fashion show format in which models walk on the runway with their smartphones.

Hyundai Kia Motors is replacing all new car announcements such as Sorento, Avante, and G80 with online live broadcasts.

The world's largest consumer electronics show'CES' in Las Vegas, USA every January, is also scheduled to be held online for the first time next year.

(Video coverage: Jinhoon Park)