China News Agency, Beijing, August 5th. The latest "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" was announced: State Grid, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Haier ranked in the top three, with 53 brands worth more than 100 billion yuan. In the context of the new crown epidemic, compared with last year, the number of brands in the most affected industries such as clothing, automobiles, and tourism has decreased, while the number of brands in the "rigid demand" industries such as food and beverage, finance, and machinery has increased to varying degrees.

  The 17th "World Brand Conference" was held in Beijing on the 5th, and the 2020 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" research report was released. State Grid topped the list with a brand value of 503.687 billion yuan (RMB, the same below); among the top five were Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (450.582 billion), Haier (428.652 billion), Tencent (421.549 billion) and China Life (4158.61) Billion).

  The total value of selected brands this year is 24,692.058 billion yuan, an increase of 12.90% over last year; the number of brands worth more than 100 billion yuan has increased by 6 compared with last year.

  In terms of regional distribution, Beijing ranks first with 93 brands selected, mainly due to the concentration of the headquarters of central enterprises with strong profitability; Guangdong and Shandong have 90 and 44 brands respectively, ranking second and third . According to the scope of influence of the selected brands, according to the global, national and regional divisions, there are 435 brands with national influence and 55 brands with global influence, slightly more than last year.

  Classified by industry, brands from 27 industries were selected. Among them, the food and beverage industry is still the industry with the most selected brands, with 85 brands selected; the second to fifth selected industries are light industry (50), building materials (39), and media (35). And textiles and clothing (31).

  This report was compiled and launched by the World Brand Lab. Professor Robert Mundell, chairman of the World Brand Lab and Nobel Prize winner in economics, said that from the perspective of output value, "Made in China" is already roughly equivalent to "Made in America", "Made in Japan" and "Made in Germany". In sum, the success of Chinese brands is obvious to all. Just take this theme report as an example. When the relevant report was first released 17 years ago, the "threshold" for brand selection was only 500 million yuan, and the average value of the top 500 brands was 4.943 billion yuan; this year's "threshold" for selection has been raised to 27.16 The average value of the top 500 brands reached 49.384 billion yuan, an increase of 899.07%. (Finish)