NS does not want to increase the wages of its staff in the next two years, according to the plans that the company has drawn up to cope with the income that has fallen due to the corona crisis. By freezing salaries, NS hopes to avoid compulsory redundancies.

Partly because many people work from home, NS's revenues have fallen sharply. For example, the company reports missing out on 1.5 billion euros in revenue this year. After compensation from the government, there is still a gap of 150 million euros in the budget this year. Until 2025, NS expects to lose € 4.7 billion in turnover.

The carrier therefore wants to save a total of 1.4 billion euros in the coming years. The company does not expect revenues to return to their previous levels until after 2024 and has therefore previously decided to cut 2,300 jobs. About 2,500 employees are also expected to retire in the next five years.

NS, the central works council and unions are negotiating the cuts. These negotiations started on Wednesday.

In any case, it is clear that NS wants to leave the current collective labor agreement unchanged and extend it by two years. "In concrete terms, this means that current pay scales are not rising," the carrier writes.

NS also expects flexibility from its staff. For example, an employee may have to perform other activities or work at a different location or at a different time. Employees may also need to be retrained.

The unions do not yet want to respond to the NS proposal.