Yahoo and LINE Business Integration Approved Conditionally Fair Trade Commission August 4 19:09

The Fair Trade Commission, which was reviewing the business integration of Yahoo and LINE, a major IT company, is subject to a review of contracts with some stores that do not use the smartphone payment service provided by other companies. Announced that the business integration has been approved.

The Fair Trade Commission announced on April 4 that it has completed a review of the business integration planned by Yahoo's parent company, Z Holdings and LINE, for any problems under the Antimonopoly Act, and has issued a notice to the company to allow the integration. Did.

However, he pointed out that the market share of the smartphone payment service provided by these two companies reached 60% and that there were contracts with some stores that did not use the payment services provided by other companies. ..

As a result, competition over fees and transaction conditions may become less likely to occur, and the company will revise contracts with stores that use the service, and for the next three years, determine market share and fee status once a year. I asked you to report it once.

The JFTC will again approve the merger of the two companies if such measures are not observed.

In addition, the company side explained that the examination was delayed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the business integration will be delayed around March next year. We conducted a huge amount of audits at maximum speed, and it is very surprising to be blamed for delays in integration."