SoftBank Group omission of declaration of approximately 40 billion yen August 4 12:11

It was revealed that the SoftBank Group was subjected to a tax examination by the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau and was pointed out that about 40 billion yen was omitted in the fiscal year ended March 31, last year, for example due to incorrect calculation of exchange rate and excessive loss. ..

According to the people concerned, the group was pointed out by the National Taxation Bureau to be about 17 billion yen excessive as a result of miscalculating the exchange rate for the loss related to the dollar-denominated debt from the Japanese subsidiary.

In addition, it was pointed out that about 14 billion yen was omitted from the report as a fee for the success fee for the subsidiary that manages the investment fund "SoftBank Vision Fund", even though it was not in the fiscal year that should have been originally recorded. about it.

The total amount of non-declared taxation amounted to about 40 billion yen in the year ended March 31, 2011, but it is offset by past loss and there is no additional tax burden.

The SoftBank Group commented to NHK's interview that it has made an amendment report because the National Taxation Bureau has pointed out that the timing of expense recording was incorrect and that foreign currency-denominated debt was mistranslated.