Guest of the morning of Europe 1 Tuesday Thierry Laborde, deputy general manager of BNP Paribas, returned to the means of payment acclaimed by the French the day after a long confinement. He explains that if the French use contactless payment more and more, this does not mean "the end of cash".


Towards the end of cash payments? No, replies Thierry Laborde. At the microphone of Europe 1, the Deputy Director General of BNP Paribas returned to the increase in contactless payments, which represent half of the payments made today by the French. However, he "does not think" that the coins and the banknotes will gradually disappear. "Cash payment is freedom for many people and many have no other choice, so accessibility must absolutely remain. It is satisfactory today and of good quality", explains Thierry The borders. "There is a reduction in the use of cash, but that is not the end." 

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Above all, this trend was already significant before the onset of the health crisis. "The number of cash withdrawals was down 4%, now we are closer to 10%, but there is still a number of significant withdrawals," said the deputy general manager of BNP Paribas. "This is a fundamental trend, which had started long before the health crisis: a slow erosion of the withdrawal of cash". 

However, there is no question for the moment of removing distributors. But that will not prevent "rationalizations". In city branches, "if there are three distributors, we will tend to keep two rather than three".

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