Shipbuilder Damen Shipyards will cut 1,050 jobs worldwide, of which 173 in the Netherlands, a company spokesperson confirms Tuesday after the FD reported .

The jobs disappear at one of the six divisions of the company from Gorinchem. It concerns the branch that makes ferries and so-called medium-sized vessels for the offshore and dredging industry.

"It has been going bad in those sectors for some time," said the spokesperson for Damen Shipyards. "Things have not gotten better in this era, and the prospects are not good either." Therefore, the company cannot exclude the need for further interventions in the future.

In the Netherlands, medium-sized ships are being worked on at the locations in Gorinchem, Schiedam and Bergum, so employment is lost there. But especially the two yards in Romania are hit hard by the reorganization. Almost nine hundred jobs disappear there.

Damen Shipyards has thirteen thousand employees worldwide.