Let's take a closer look at the housing supply measures that came out today (4th). The government decided to build 132,000 more households in the metropolitan area by 2028. In Seoul, a military site or a public institution was used to build a new house and to build an apartment up to the 50th floor if an air tube participates in the reconstruction.

First, reporter Park Chan-geun will summarize the government announcement.

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LH of Korea Land and Housing Corporation or SH of Seoul Housing and Urban Corporation participates in the reconstruction, the floor area ratio will be increased to 300 to 500%.

The limit on the number of floors in Seoul, which is tied up to the 35th floor, has also been eased, and the Gangnam Han Riverside High-Density Reconstruction Complex will be able to raise apartments up to 50 stories.

The government predicted that this would add more than 50,000 households over the next five years.

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Seoul Nowon taereung golf courses one, Yongsan Camp Kim Lot We are discovering new residential areas in Seoul and the metropolitan area, and supplying 33,000 households.

We plan to build 24,000 more houses in the metropolitan area by increasing the floor area ratio in existing residential areas including the 3rd new town.

Areas that have been designated and released as residential environment maintenance areas such as New Town will also supply 20,000 households through public redevelopment where LH and SH participate.

Having a supply plan that exceeds the estimate of 100,000 households seems to have determined that there is a limit to catching the current overheated real estate market without sufficient supply.

The government said it would respond by monitoring the real estate prices from rising as a result of this supply measure and, if necessary, designating additional areas for land transactions.

(Video coverage: Jeong Seong-hwa, video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Jeong-jung Jeong)  

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