client, Beijing, August 2 (Reporter Wu Tao) Want to buy some weird things, people originally like to search Taobao, but now Xianyu, Zhuanzhuan and other second-hand e-commerce platforms are standing in the C position.

  With the expansion of the industry, goods on second-hand e-commerce platforms have become mixed, and there are many services suspected of vulgar content, or contraband products are on sale. Therefore, second-hand e-commerce platforms are even called China's "dark web".

The second-hand e-commerce platform sells large-scale photos. Screenshot

Commodities are messy, take a look at the second-hand e-commerce platform

  On the second-hand e-commerce platform, there are "scold" services; there are "Pixixixi" mutual aid bargaining group; there is Douyin Qianfen account; there is "chicken" perspective high-tech; there are 82 years of coke. In short, you can almost find the shadow here. Some regular commodities such as clothing and digital are everywhere.

  It is worth noting that some of these products are prohibited from online sales by the state. A reporter from found on Zhuanzhuan that someone was selling live lizards. In fact, my country’s "Postal Law Implementation Rules" clearly stipulates that it is forbidden to send or carry all kinds of live animals in the mail.

  On Xianyu and Zhuanzhuan platforms, there are still users selling crossbows. The promotional video shows that the 70-meter test can be shot into trees, and the hammer can't break the bow. Many media have reported that consumers who purchased online and illegally carried crossbows were investigated and punished by the public security organs.

  On second-hand e-commerce platforms, some products are also suspected of promoting and selling pornographic and vulgar content. The reporter searched on Xianyu and found that some merchants were selling "professional massage and health care home service", and some netizens asked "Are you serious?" A comment commented, "Look at your consumption, experience by yourself, you understand." On Zhuanzhuan and Xianyu platforms, large-scale photo photos were found for sale, as well as private photo services, marked with confidential delivery.

  On the 13th, the National Cyberspace Administration of China issued a notice on launching a special rectification of the Internet environment for minors in the summer of 2020 "Qing Lang", which includes severely cracking down on accounts that disseminate large-scale portraits and private photos and videos featuring minors.

  Of course, on the second-hand e-commerce platform, it is not ruled out that there are some high-quality and inexpensive products. A business in Shanghai told a reporter from, “I opened a digital store offline, mainly selling game consoles such as Switch and game cassettes. The goods are collected on second-hand e-commerce platforms, which is like gold rushing, which is very interesting. It can feed my little shop."

  According to statistics from the Net Economics, the scale of my country's second-hand idle market in 2018 has exceeded 700 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2020, the domestic second-hand market will reach a trillion scale. In terms of players, according to Analysys’ report, Xianyu and Zhuanzhuan accounted for 90% of the market share, forming a duopoly situation.

Make up a story before selling second-hand goods

  Unlike e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and, which directly mark prices and talk about configuration, products on second-hand e-commerce platforms like to tell stories, explaining the source of the goods and why they are sold.

  "Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou", "Leave Beijing and sell it for money", "My friend came back from Korea and gave me some hats", "Poor students at home tearful sale", "Life forced, tearful sale" are second-hand electricity Some commonly used product labels on commercial platforms.

  At first glance, second-hand e-commerce and the antique industry have some similarities. Antiques are exquisitely inherited, where they came from, where they went, and what stories happened in the middle. Some people’s treasures also like secondary processing, such as stamping "Shuanglong Xiao "Print", etc.

  The field of second-hand e-commerce is similar. Experienced sellers must clearly mark the source of the goods. "I broke up with my girlfriend who has been together for 2 years. The drying rack left by my girlfriend is sold with reluctance. ."

  But these stories are difficult to distinguish between true and false. A reporter from found on a second-hand e-commerce platform that a user listed a product described as "I want to go back to my hometown for development. Now there is a suite in the center of Guangzhou. You can take away the ones you like." Looking at the information, the goods he (she) puts on the shelves are all houses, and the pictures are still well-decorated model houses. Isn't this a real estate agency?

  There are also a lot of secondary processed products, selling underwear for underwear, some people prefer to sell original underwear; selling USB flash drives, but USB flash drives contain "resources", such as car USB flash drives, which contain 2,200 music. Some also bring high-definition MV.

Many commodities explain the source of the commodity and why it was sold, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Screenshot

Why not stop after repeated bans? Sell ​​if you don’t care, delete if exposed

  In fact, the suspected sale of contraband on second-hand e-commerce platforms has been exposed many times.

  There have been reports on second-hand e-commerce platforms such as second-hand underwear (original underwear), 1 yuan purchase of friends circle positioning, gynecological reality check, 0.5 yuan purchase of facial data and other goods or services.

  However, these products are currently not searchable. This is also a common method used by second-hand e-commerce platforms to deal with the above situation: sell it regardless of the situation, and delete the exposure.

  In an interview with a reporter from, Zhuan said that the platform will control through a combination of technical means and manual review, remove illegal and illegal items from the shelves, and take punishment measures such as banning related user accounts. .

  Xianyu customer service also stated that the platform has been filtering out vulgar information through background keyword blocking and manual search. According to its APP, users who violate the rules will be publicized, most of which are suspended for publishing prohibited information.

  But to this day, second-hand e-commerce platforms are still unable to prevent the sale of contraband. The relatively loose regulatory environment, originally positioned as the C2C second-hand e-commerce model, has made more and more businesses like the second-hand e-commerce platform, and the model has changed.

  The reporter found that some clothing looks like new, and the seller's clothing number is also complete, but it is still sold on the second-hand platform. Some netizens said, "Second-hand e-commerce sells clothes. When they are shipped, they can be worn and taken off, and they will become second-hand in seconds."

  New products are sold as second-hand. Is there such a "silly" merchant? In fact, second-hand goods wear the hat of the sharing economy, which is simply a "golden oil" that evades supervision. Because they are second-hand goods, many merchants blatantly mark "No refunds for seven days without reason. Once sold, they will not be returned", etc. .

  This is the "charm" of second-hand e-commerce platforms. Real second-hand goods can be said to be ninety-nine percent new, and new products can also be said to be second-hand. In short, what you buy here will always be ninety-nine percent of new products, and you can pay them back before buying. Can listen to a story.

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