Recently, 30,000 mu of processed tomatoes in Manas County, Changji, Xinjiang have entered the mature picking period. The towns and towns have seized the favorable opportunities in fine weather and organized machinery and manpower into picking production. Mechanized picking has been started one after another to increase farmers’ production and income. Agricultural efficiency. One picking machine can harvest 60 to 80 acres of land a day, which is equivalent to the total amount of manual harvesting by 120 people a day. It can reduce the picking fee by 300 yuan per acre and greatly shorten the harvesting time.

  In recent years, with its unique geographical location and advantages of water, soil, light and heat resources, Manas County has vigorously adjusted and optimized the planting structure, encouraged and guided farmers and herdsmen to plant 30,000 mu of processed tomatoes scientifically, and adopted the industrialization of "farmers + cooperatives + enterprises" The order mode realizes a win-win situation for farmers and enterprises. At the same time, new machinery replaces traditional labor, which greatly saves picking time, improves harvesting efficiency, reduces labor costs, and improves product quality. Farmers rely on the development of red industries to truly increase their incomes.

  Up to now, 30,000 mu of processed tomatoes in Manas County have begun to mechanize harvesting one after another. It is expected that the mechanical harvesting of late ripening tomatoes will be completed by the end of September at the latest. According to picking and sales this year, the average yield per mu of tomatoes this year is about 8 tons, and the net income per mu of land can be 1,000 yuan.

  (Reporter: Rong Rui Walisjiang·Umarjiang Editor: Rong Rui)

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]