Congestion avoidance measures accelerated Accelerating measures at restaurants and retail stores New Coronavirus 17:13 on August 2

As the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increases, restaurants and retailers are increasingly adopting a system that allocates the time and order of visits to customers in order to avoid congestion and continue business.

A system that distributes the time and order of visits has been introduced at the counters of banks and government offices, but recently there are a number of restaurants and retail stores that take in measures against the new coronavirus.

A department store in Niigata City is planning to use this system to avoid crowding the venue at a product exhibition that will open in September.

In addition to allocating the order of admission, we are preparing a system to notify the approximate waiting time.

Takashi Misaki of Isetan Mitsukoshi, Niigata says, “It is becoming more and more important to ensure the safety of our customers while they come.”

Hototo specialty stores in Yamanashi Prefecture have also introduced the system.

In addition to eliminating the congestion of shops, it is possible for customers to stop by at another sightseeing spot while waiting for their turn, which will lead to effective use of time.

Mr. Makoto Enohara, Managing Director of “Asei”, said, “I would like to make effective use of the waiting time and contribute to the development of the local economy.”

According to Recruit, a major information service provider of the system, in June, the number of inquiries from restaurants and retailers was about three times that of the previous year, so the number of people infected with the new coronavirus will increase again. Inside, interest is growing.

Expert "Will it be a new daily life?"

Regarding the spread of congestion countermeasures, Senior Researcher Naoko Ogata of the Japan Research Institute, who is familiar with consumption trends, said, ``Because there is an increase in infections that are worried about the'second wave', we will avoid congestion relief and congestion. It is becoming more important. Users may find it convenient to use it once, and it may become a new normal after the corona = new normal."

On top of that, Chief Researcher Ogata points out that restaurants and retailers will be able to efficiently allocate employees, which will help to cope with labor shortages.