China News Service, Yichang, August 1 (Xu Shiyun, Sun Chunming and Lei Weili) The two main cable strands of the upper and lower reaches of the Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge in Yichang, Hubei began to be pulled on July 31, which marked the establishment of the Third Engineering Bureau of China Construction and the Second Aviation of China Communications The Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge in Yichang, jointly contracted by the Bureau, officially entered the construction of the main cable erection.

  The Yichang Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge is one of the 19 river-crossing passages in Hubei Province in the "Planning for the Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Corridor of the Yangtze River Economic Belt" determined by the State Council. It is located in the buffer zone of the Yangtze River Chinese Sturgeon Nature Reserve and an area where finless porpoises and brown fish are concentrated. In order to protect the rare organisms and biodiversity of the Yangtze River, the main bridge of the bridge adopts a 1,160-meter suspension bridge with one crossing over the river. It is designed and constructed according to the urban expressway and two-way six-lane standard.

The catwalk of Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge was completed. Photo by Liu Kang

  The catwalk is an important aerial work channel and temporary work platform for the construction of the superstructure of the suspension bridge. During the construction of the superstructure, cable strand traction, cable strand adjustment, and main cable squeezing and tightening are all completed on this platform. The durability of the structure is, Stability is directly related to the construction safety and progress of the bridge superstructure.

  The catwalk of Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge is designed as a three-span continuous catwalk. The anchoring devices on both sides of the catwalk are designed on the loose saddle buttresses on the north and south sides. Each catwalk is equipped with 8 catwalk load-bearing cables, single width The catwalk is 4m wide and 1910m long, and the distance from the lowest point in the middle of the span to the river surface is about 45-50m.

  Zhou Changdong, a special technical expert of the Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge Site Command, introduced that the Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge used different specifications of cable strands to form the main cable for the first time in China. The main cable composed of 11341 steel wires and 91 cable strands weighs about 5000 tons. The ultimate pulling force is as high as 60,000 tons.

  Zhou Changdong said that after the erection of the main cable is completed, the main cable tightening cable, cable clamps, slings and cable crane installation will be carried out. It is expected to enter the main span steel box girder hoisting construction in mid-November 2020.

Pressing the "fast forward button" since the resumption of work on the Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge Photo by Liu Kang

  It is understood that the Yichang Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge adopts the "PPP" construction model. After its completion, it will be of great significance to Yichang's construction of the "inside, China and outside" three loops and the "four vertical and five horizontal" expressway network, as well as the construction of a regional city in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and a world famous hydropower tourist city. (Finish)