Narita-Kushiro flights newly launched 18:16 on August 1st of this year for domestic flights at Narita Airport

LCC=Cheap Airlines launched a service connecting Narita Airport to Hokkaido and Kushiro on the 1st, and this year, for the first time in Narita, a new domestic flight was launched.

Since the announcement of an emergency situation due to the spread of new coronavirus infection was canceled in May, airline companies have been restarting domestic flights one after another.At Narita Airport, the number of domestic flights last month was the same as the previous one. It has more than doubled compared to the moon.

Against this backdrop, at Narita Airport, LCC's "Peach Aviation" launched a new flight between Narita and Kushiro and between Narita and Miyazaki on the 1st, and flight attendants, etc. are calling on passengers to thoroughly prevent infection at the boarding gate. It was

The flight departing for Kushiro before 1 pm is almost full with parents and children, and it is expected to be used by tourists and people returning home during the Bon festival.

A man in his thirties in Chiba heading for a trip said, “I was worried about whether I would go or not. I would like to wear a mask all the time and be careful not to get too dense.”

According to the Narita Airport Company, this is the first time that a domestic flight has been launched in Narita this year.

Takeaki Mori of Peach Aviation CEO said, "We take the airline's responsibility to prevent infection at the destination as well. We would like to ask passengers to do it while traveling." It was