"Bring goods" attractions and cultural tourism products

  Internet celebrities "cloud soliciting customers", a new play for the recovery of the cultural and tourism industry

  Affected by the epidemic, this year's live broadcast has become a breakthrough "weapon" for various industries. The hard-hit cultural and tourism industry was the first to seek cooperation with short video platforms. At present, the promotion of major attractions and related cultural tourism products through the "cloud attracting customers" and live broadcast of Internet celebrities is becoming an important model for "restarting" the cultural tourism industry in various places.

  When the host came on stage and looked at the muddy boy who was walking off the stage, he found tears in his eyes.

  As a guest speaker, Brother Mud has just finished his contagious speech on the stage of the first Kuaishou Internet Celebrity Cultural Tourism Conference. In the audience, officials and industry professionals from Luoyang City, Henan Province and more than 300 Internet celebrities from all over the country. He is almost the most emotional of all speakers. This may be directly related to the fact that the short video really changed the fate of him and those around him.

  Brother Mud, whose real name is Zhu Fujun, is a young man from Henan. Three years ago, he lost his income after breaking his leg at a construction site. Occasionally, a short video showing his traditional craftsmanship by smashing mud became popular on the Internet, opening a new door to his life.

  Now, he not only has his own studio, but also helps local veteran craftsmen who make clay live live broadcast, with sales of millions of yuan.

  Nibago is just the epitome of the current culture and travel industry actively embracing the live broadcast platform to realize the effective integration of attraction promotion and cultural travel product sales.

  When an internet celebrity meets cultural tourism

  "Ladies and gentlemen, the large Buddha statue behind me is 17.14 meters high. It is a masterpiece of Chinese Buddhist art sculpture in the Tang Dynasty. It is also a shining business card for Chinese stone carving..."

  In midsummer and July, Longmen Grottoes welcomed a group of special guests.

  In addition to Mui Ba Ge, the conference also attracted more than 300 Internet celebrity anchors from all over the country, such as Ru Zhigang and "Yu Er Gu Feng". They broadcast the places of interest to fans through their short video platforms.

  On July 18th, the first Kuaishou Internet celebrity cultural tourism conference sponsored by Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Henan Provincial Internet Information Office, and Luoyang Municipal Government was launched in Luoyang.

  From July 19th to 21st, more than 300 Internet celebrities visited Luoyang’s core cultural and tourist attractions and 8 counties, including Mengjin, Xin’an, Yiyang, Ruyang, Luoning, Luanchuan, Song County, and Laocheng. Shoot creation. Internet celebrity anchors use the "short video + live broadcast" method to fully display the beauty of Luoyang's blending of ancient and modern and promote local cultural and tourism resources.

  This opened up in-depth cooperation between local governments and short video platforms, accelerated the recovery of the cultural and tourism industry, and explored new models of cultural tourism development. The online celebrities on the short video platform "carry goods" scenic spots, historical sites and cultural tourism products are helping the cultural tourism industry in various regions to "restart".

  Guo Yansong, director of the Henan Provincial Internet Information Office, said that some platforms have accumulated a large amount of "hard core" technology, which can become an important driving force for local cultural tourism from "large" to "strong".

  Jiang Jiding, director of the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, hopes that more Internet celebrities and talents will come to Henan to promote the high-quality development of the local cultural and tourism industry through "cloud recommendation" and "cloud attracting guests".

  Yu Haibo, senior vice president of Kuaishou Technology, said that there are 1.4 million daily active users from Luoyang, and on average, there is one active user in every five Luoyang people. In the future, through the form of "Big V Travel Shooting + Live Broadcasting", the "different Internet celebrity Luoyang" will be presented with a hundred flowers blooming creativity.

  Live room in the scenic spot

  The background is picturesque, with local specialties in hand. The anchor stood in front of the camera and talked freely, introducing the local scenery and selling special agricultural and sideline products.

  This "travel live broadcast" new delivery method has gradually become one of the important sectors of live delivery.

  Previously, the magistrate of Longzhou County, Chongzuo, Guangxi, in order to promote the local specialty white fungus, walked into the largest white fungus production base in Asia, and showed the production space and processes to consumers. This move caused heated discussions.

  Since then, more live broadcast backgrounds have chosen local scenic spots. In the live broadcast of Shigatse, Tibet, the county chief stood on a high mountain with an altitude of three to four kilometers. The mountains behind him were one after another, and the mountain breeze was roaring. Standing next to him was a girl from an ethnic minority in Tibetan costumes. The two introduced local specialties.

  In Zunyi, Guizhou, the county magistrate stood in front of the Chishui Waterfall, a famous local scenic spot, promoting bamboo shoots and other agricultural products. Through the screen, the audience can clearly hear the sound of the waterfall, as if they are on the scene.

  According to Li Qiuyan, vice president of Jingyu Lvmama Group, “Through this form, even if people can’t remember the product, they will remember the scenery of this place.”

  At the beginning of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the inability to travel forced tourism groups to explore a new sales method-live broadcast. Lvmama Travel is one of the pioneers.

  As early as the Spring Festival, Lvmom.com used the "Like Yanxuan" platform to help local governments and scenic spots sell local products.

  After seeing the hot situation of live broadcast of goods, the platform decided to enter the field of tourism live broadcast; organize a monthly "National 100 county chiefs live broadcast to help farmers" and tourism good goods festival. The county magistrate endorsed the promotion of local specialty products, and the selected platform was responsible for sales, with thousands of products. This pioneering move of "changing county magistrates as anchors" has achieved good results. Most of the products sold over 1,000 during the two-day live broadcast.

  According to reports, as of now, more than 500 county chiefs have entered the live broadcast of Lvma’s agricultural assistance, with tens of millions of viewers, which has increased platform brand exposure and flow, and has also promoted the development of poverty alleviation in many places.

  In order to highlight the characteristics of live streaming with travel goods, anchors are usually not confined to a small live broadcast room like traditional live broadcasts, but go to sites that reflect local characteristics and bring fresh feelings to consumers.

  In the opinion of many people in the industry, the benefits of these live events are not achieved in one step, but achieved at multiple levels.

  Consumers buy local specialties through product introductions and scenic displays in the live broadcast, and these specialties serve as a medium to awaken consumers' yearning for the local area.

  This kind of conversion rate cycle is long and it is difficult to directly use data to determine the effect. This is also a feature that distinguishes travel live broadcasts from other FMCG live broadcasts.

  Playing new tricks is a trick

  Although travel live broadcasts have achieved good results before, it is undeniable that with the emergence of a large number of similar types of live broadcasts, the public is already tired. How to better display their own advantages and attract audience consumption requires more exploration.

  Zhang Jianlin, a researcher at the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries of Beijing University of Technology, told the Workers' Daily that the main body of live broadcast of cultural tourism will be more diverse in the future.

  From the live broadcast of the county magistrate at the beginning, to the special live broadcast on the platform, and to the live broadcast of cultural and tourism entrepreneurial projects carried out by different groups of people such as tour guides and travel experts, we can see that this trend has begun to emerge.

  Zhang Jianlin believes that as long as the anchor is sufficiently familiar with the field and can provide others with more professional and valuable information, it will be possible to complete the realization, accumulate fans, and achieve the effect of continuous delivery and brand communication.

  Due to the recurrence of the epidemic some time ago, the public has more concerns about long-term travel, so products such as scenic spot tickets rarely appear in live tourism, and more of them are local specialty agricultural products. As the epidemic prevention and control shifts to normalization, both the market and the consumer demand are adjusting, and live broadcast content will be further enriched.