Extraordinary job hunting in Corona 60 companies for online job hunting briefing session August 1: 18:42

Due to the effect of the new coronavirus, there are not enough company information sessions for students who are planning to graduate next spring. Opened

The online briefing will be held for two days, one or two days, in an attempt to increase the opportunities for new recruits who are continually finding employment due to the new coronavirus to come into contact with corporate recruiters. Over 60 companies, such as electrical machinery, steel, and finance, participate in the information session.

The system is such that over 1500 students from Japan and overseas can register and freely participate in briefing sessions for companies of interest. Students who wish to have a job interview can also submit an entry sheet.

Among these, at Hitachi's briefing session, we emphasized that we are looking for talented people throughout the year. Students were asking about the work style of telework being promoted by the new coronavirus and the system of personnel evaluation.

Keisuke Nakamura, a hiring manager at Hitachi, Ltd. said, “I think many companies can hold information sessions together to help them collect information. It was."

The briefing session will be held for two days, and students who wish to participate can apply on the day from the dedicated site.