China News Service, Xi’an, August 1st (Reporter Zhang Yichen) "Due to social competition, work pressure, and the accelerated aging of the population, sleep disorders have become a serious social problem. How can we sleep well? Not only must sleep science and technology be popularized, but also needed The support of the sleep industry." Huang Zhili, chairman of the China Sleep Research Association, said on August 1.

  The 2020 Muse Global Sleep Culture Journey kick-off meeting was held in Xi'an. Industry experts and scholars discussed the development path of "sleep economy" under the background of "inner loop".

  With the increasing pace of society and the rapid development of the mobile Internet, staying up late has become a common way of life for many young people. The pursuit of "a good night's dream" has led to the "sleep economy" gradually rising.

  Sleep economy refers to the economic phenomenon caused by people with low sleep quality or insomnia. In recent years, from sleep aid apps to sleep aid bracelets, smart sleep glasses; from insomnia stickers, sleep sprays to sleep speakers, steam eye masks... all kinds of sleep aid products for daily life are emerging in an endless stream, which also reflects the increasing “cake” of the sleep industry Bigger.

  The "2018-2023 China Sleep Medical Market Analysis and Investment Prospects Research Report" pointed out that the market size of China's improved sleep industry in 2017 was about 279.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), of which 12.8 billion sleep health products and 13.4 billion sleep drugs , Sleep equipment supplies 250 billion yuan, and sleep services 3.5 billion yuan.

  Huang Zhili believes that with the continuous improvement of people's awareness of healthy living, especially during the epidemic, "good sleep can enhance immunity", people have a new understanding of sleep, which has a positive impact on the sleep market.

  "The epidemic has brought many problems to companies, and most of the international markets are in a stagnant state, so we have also begun to start the'inner loop.' Through the innovative design of products to stimulate demand to stimulate consumption, the performance and profits generated will then feed back to the enterprises." Yao Jiqing, chairman of the Sleep Industry Branch of the Health Industry Enterprise Management Association and president of Mousse Group, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

  Industry insiders believe that industrial clusters, as a carrier for constructing an “inner loop”, should first gradually improve the “inner loop” of the industrial chain on the basis of resuming work and production when the normal circulation of the industry chain is affected by the epidemic. Turn "danger" into "opportunity".

  Huang Zhili said that technological progress has given birth to the development of smart sleep products that integrate sleep environment, sleep monitoring and sleep quality improvement. Such products continue to appear in the Mainland. The improvement of the manufacturing level of Chinese companies will also help the development of the "sleep economy". (Finish)