Unfished samma is below last year and may have record low catch at 5:23 on August 1

Saury, which has been underfished for the last few years, is expected to come to Japan less frequently, and the national research institute said that the catch would fall below last year and could be the lowest ever. is.

Based on the survey conducted from June to last month, the national research institution "Fisheries Research and Education Organization" announced the outlook for the amount of saury coming from Hokkaido to Chiba offshore.

As a result, the amount of saury is expected to fall below last year.

The fishing grounds are distributed more offshore, and it is said that the saury will descend southward off Sanriku in late October, one month later than usual.

As a result, research institutes say that this year's saury catch could fall even below the record low of 45,000 tonnes last year.

However, this time the uncertainty of the outlook is higher than the average year because the sea area of ​​the survey was reduced due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

The saury in the North Pacific Ocean, including the area around Japan, has been required to tighten international fishing regulations due to a decline in the amount of stock, but the international conference has been postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus.