Chinanews client, Beijing, August 1st (Reporter Li Jinlei) Under the impact of the epidemic, the employment situation is under pressure. In order to allow more people to find jobs and have jobs, the big moves to stabilize and secure employment have been one after another. This is not the case. The state has aimed at flexible employment and provided real money support measures.

Support multi-channel flexible employment

  On July 31, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Supporting Multi-channel Flexible Employment", which proposed 14 measures from 5 aspects to promote flexible employment.

  What is flexible employment?

  It mainly refers to flexible and diverse employment methods such as self-employment, part-time and new employment forms. This is an important way for workers to increase their income.

On July 4, Taiyuan, Shanxi, job seekers searched for jobs at the venue. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

  How to support it?

  According to this opinion, it can be summarized as: expand positions, provide funds, provide venues, and provide protection.

In terms of job expansion, the main purpose is to create more flexible jobs.

  Including encouraging the development of self-employed. Encourage workers to establish small-scale economic entities with low investment, quick results, easy transformation, and low risk. Support the development of various specialty shops. Promote the upgrading and capacity expansion of cleaning and greening, wholesale and retail, construction and decoration industries where part-time workers are more concentrated. Enhance the employability of community service industries such as elderly care, nursery school, psychological counseling and social work.

In terms of funding, it mainly involves loans, subsidies, and fee reductions.

  For key groups such as laid-off and unemployed persons, college graduates, migrant workers, and those with difficulties in finding employment, who are engaged in self-employment, policy support such as guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship, tax incentives, and entrepreneurship subsidies will be given in accordance with regulations. Those who have difficulties in finding employment and those college graduates who have not been employed within 2 years of leaving school to engage in part-time work shall be given social insurance subsidies in accordance with regulations.

  If you want to set up a stall, there is also policy support. The opinion proposes to cancel the administrative fee for flexible employment, and exempt the urban road occupation fee for the approved road occupation.

For the venue, it mainly provides low-cost venue support.

  Including the implementation of the phased reduction and exemption of state-owned real estate rent policy, encourage all kinds of owners to reduce or defer rent collection, and help self-employed and other flexible employees to reduce the rent burden.

In terms of guarantee, it mainly includes training, service and assistance.

  Including targeted training, including flexible employment information supply and demand into the scope of public employment services, opening flexible employment special column, free release of supply and demand information, organizing special recruitment on demand, sending jobs to the grassroots into the community, providing career guidance and other services.

  In addition, we will increase assistance to people in need of flexible employment. Flexible employees who have real difficulties in paying basic pension insurance premiums in 2020 can voluntarily postpone their payment according to regulations. Those eligible for flexible employment shall be included in the scope of minimum living security and temporary assistance in accordance with regulations in a timely manner.

On July 4, Taiyuan, Shanxi, job seekers searched for jobs at the venue. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

  Of course, one point for deployment, nine points for implementation. With so many policies, to implement them, the work at the city and county level is very important.

  For this reason, the opinions demanded to strengthen the incentive supervision. Incorporate work related to supporting multi-channel flexible employment into the creation and evaluation of civilized cities. Cities with well-implemented flexible employment policies, an excellent development environment, and outstanding work results will be given priority to be included in the creation of entrepreneurial cities.

In fact, the big way to support flexible employment does not stop there.

  On July 15, 13 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Opinions on Supporting the Healthy Development of New Business Forms and New Models, Activating the Consumer Market and Driving Employment Expansion", clearly proposing support for diversified independent employment, such as micro-business e-commerce, webcasting, etc. Timeshare employment. Vigorously develop the micro economy and encourage "sideline innovation". Support the establishment of a flexible employment and "shared employment" service platform.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that it is necessary to break the inertial thinking of employment services and guarantee "employment", and improve policies and systems that adapt to the innovation of employment models.

  In addition, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments have recently released 9 new career information including Internet marketers, and added "live salesman" job types. This means that the delivery anchor has become an official job type, and Li Jiaqi has officially become a regular employee.

  The Ministry of Education also recently issued a notice stating that when statistics on employment of college graduates are made, it includes the opening of online stores in terms of “self-employment” and Internet marketers, official account bloggers, and e-sports workers in terms of “freelance”.

Data map: Li Jiaqi and Huang Xiaoming bring goods in the live broadcast room.

Why is flexible employment so important?

  This year's government work report pointed out that there are hundreds of millions of flexible employees in my country, including odd jobs.

  At present, the employment situation is severe, and flexible employment has a large scale and large space, which can be described as an important way to stabilize and ensure employment.

  Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the Economic Policy Research Institute of the Chinese Policy Research Institute, told a reporter from that the country has clearly grasped the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand. The most important thing to expand domestic demand is to increase employment and residents’ income. This is the foundation. , Without employment and income, how can there be money to consume? Therefore, supporting flexible employment is an important starting point for stabilizing employment and increasing income.

  Zhang Deyong, a researcher at the Institute of Financial Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that there is an urgent need to broaden employment channels and create new growth points for employment, and the booming new business model is becoming an important reservoir for absorbing employment.

  It can be seen that due to the characteristics of strong autonomy, flexibility and freedom, and low thresholds, flexible employment is becoming more and more popular. New models such as "shared employment", "part-time distribution" and "temporary customer service" have emerged. There are more and more flexible employees such as store owners, fitness personal trainers, self-media bloggers, online ride-hailing drivers, and online anchors.

  The "Rider Employment Report for the First Half of 2020" released by Meituan recently shows that under the influence of the epidemic, "part-time riding" has become a new employment trend. Nearly 40% of riders have other occupations, including lawyers, dancers, directors, and middle-level managers in enterprises. , Financial practitioners, software engineers and other groups.

  Will you choose flexible employment and become a slash youth? (Finish)