Not all companies fall because of the coronavirus. The technological giants are even greater as a consequence of the health crisis, as their financial results demonstrate, immune to the collapses of other companies and even the set of developed economies, also the United States.

The most powerful companies in the world have done nothing but gain value, also this week in which the falls in GDP and the business accounts corresponding to the second quarter of the year have filled the stock markets with pessimism. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook or Google see this pandemic with different eyes.

In fact, North American market capitalization has concentrated more if possible on these giants: its five stocks, the main ones of the S&P 500, have managed to comfortably represent a fifth of the total capitalization of that index, and also more than 20% of the flow. cash, according to data from FacSet and Alger.

The day-to-day digitization during the confinement has driven Big Tech , especially Amazon , which has managed to double its profits in the hardest quarter of covid-19, between April and June: 5,243 million dollars (4,426 million euros ), as reported by this company that takes advantage of two upward trends: e-commerce and cloud computing. So much so, that the company led by Jeff Bezos has posted 175,000 new jobs since March, with the commitment that 125,000 of those jobs will be full-time.

The market capitalization of Amazon is estimated at around 1.52 trillion dollars (1.28 trillion euros), a historical record during this month of July and increasingly closer to Microsoft , which is worth according to the parquet 1.54 trillion dollars (1.3 trillion euros). The results of the computer group led today by Satya Nadella have been "driven by the cloud," as he pointed out to analysts, even though the store closings would have weighed 15% on revenue.

Apple has also suffered the closure of physical stores due to confinement, but even in this scenario the iPhone company has improved its profit between April and June by 12%: $ 11,253 million (9,495 million euros). Sales of Apple products and services have increased in all geographic areas (the Mac seems to have been reborn), reinforcing its status as the most valued company on the planet: 1.67 million dollars (1.4 million euros).

The company has also entered to compete for audiovisual consumption, which is booming, through its Apple TV + platform, which competes with Netflix but also with other major Californian technologies such as the Amazon Prime Video service.

"We are aware that these results stand out clearly during a time of real economic adversity for companies, large or small, and certainly for families," said Tim Cook, head of the Cupertino company.

Facebook has also doubled its profits, like Amazon, despite having suffered a boycott of some advertisers during this period for its alleged permissiveness to hate messages. The advertising business, which is supported by Mark Zuckerberg's company, has improved by 10% despite everything. This being the case, Facebook is worth around 718.6 billion dollars (about 608 billion euros) on the floor.

Another ubiquitous internet company, Google , also maintains its dominance. The parent of the online search giant , Alphabet, is the only one of the Big Tech that has reduced its profit from April to June, 30% to 6,959 million dollars (5,880 million euros), the first drop experienced in results of The 22-year history of the Mountain View firm, with a market capitalization of 720.590 million dollars (608.810 million euros).

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