“Suddenly! Steak” Company 7.9 Billion Yen Deficit January-June Financial Results July 31 20:25

Pepper food service that develops "Suddenly! Steak" is the deficit of 7.9 billion yen for the financial results from January to June due to the loss of 114 stores being closed. became.

As announced by Pepper Food Service, the financial results from January to June were 18.4 billion yen, 47.4% lower than the previous year.

As a result of the rapid expansion of our mainstay “Ikinari! Steak” stores, the stores were competing for customers, and the closure of stores due to the spread of the new coronavirus spread.

In addition, we recorded a loss for the cost of closing 114 stores, resulting in a net loss of 7.9 billion yen.

Regarding the outlook for the year to December this year, although it is said that the demand for eating out will gradually recover from the summer onward, it is difficult to recover customers, and the final loss is expected to be a loss of 4.5 billion yen. doing.

At the same time, the company announced that it will raise 9.7 billion yen through a third-party allotment of capital, with investment funds as the underwriter.

The company has already decided to sell the “pepper lunch” business, which has relatively good performance, and wants to quickly revive it by using the funds obtained by selling the business and making a third-party allotment.