A law that allowed tenants to extend their rent and rent contracts for another two years if desired, and to increase the rent to only 5% of the previous contract, came into effect today (31st). It is said that it is the first time that both the landlord and the tenant experience it, so it is confusing what it is and what it is not.

Reporter Yoo Duck-ki covered the expression on the first day.

<Reporter> In the

complex ahead of the reconstruction, there was a move to send tenants in the hope of meeting the real residence requirements.

[Yoo Jae-Sung / Authorized Broker in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I must come in and live. Then, when you come out two years later, you can increase the charter rate again... .] Before the

law was enforced, the landlord who asked for an increase in the rented price may change his position to ask him to leave now.

[Tenant (landlord notified of eviction): Last June, a call came from the landlord and asked him to raise 150 million won… As soon as (the law) passes, you will call and come in this morning, so you will come out.] If the

landlord and the immediate ancestors plan to live, the tenant's right to apply for a contract is not recognized.

As a tenant, I doubt the authenticity, but I just feel frustrated because I can't keep checking whether the landlord actually lives.

When a shortcut spread online that the landlord could refuse the tenant's request for a chartered loan agreement, the government explained that the owner's consent was not required even if the chartered loan was increased when the charter contract was renewed.

This is the first system to be implemented, and due to the special circumstances of the lease contract, some initial confusion seems inevitable.

[Kim Gyu-jung/NH Investment & Securities Real Estate Research Fellow: Although these are necessary in terms of trying to stabilize the housing of the common people, there are so many changes in the real estate-related system and law enforcement that it is very difficult to predict the market change.]

Government Has now decided to expand the six dispute resolution committees across the country, but it is necessary to provide more clear guidelines to prevent the conflict between landlords and tenants.

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-joon · Choi Woong-woong, video editing: Park Ji-in)

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