Chinanews client, Beijing, July 30th (Peng Jingru) "Some users of Huabei have access to the central bank's credit report", as soon as the news came out, various questions came and appeared on the hot search.

  "Some users, which part? Is there me?" "Does the minimum monthly repayment affect credit?" "Does not overdue also affect future loans, especially mortgage car loans?"

  Now, here comes the answer.

Some users have accessed the credit investigation, are you there?

  "At present, you can provide personal Alipay account and other related information, and call to check whether your information has been connected to the central bank's credit investigation." Alipay customer service responded to Chinanews. "In addition, users can also use Huabei-my-related contracts and In the product description, if there is a "Personal User Information Enquiry and Submit Authorization Letter", it also means that the information has been accessed."

  At present, the author's Huabei has not been authorized to upload it to the Central Bank's Credit Information Center. During the communication, the customer service said that the user needs to actively check and agree before being credited. If you do not check "Agree" and other operations, there will be no collection of credit information, and personal credit will still only belong to Zhima Credit.

"Huabei" "Personal User Information Inquiry and Submit Authorization Letter".

  However, some netizens said that they allowed Huabei to access the credit report without knowing it. What is going on?

  According to the current situation, there are two possibilities: one is to increase the Huabei quota, and the other is to upgrade the Huabei service. During these two processes, Huabei will prompt "click the button to consider you agree to the "Huabe Service" "Agreement" and "Personal Credit Information Inquiry and Submit Authorization Letter" and other agreements agree to authorize the inquiry/submission of relevant information to the basic database of financial credit information." After checking, it is deemed to agree to access the central bank's credit investigation.

  "I didn't take a closer look at the upgrade." Many netizens who were "credited" belong to this situation.

Spending ≠ credit card, does frequent borrowing affect personal credit?

  Facing the changes in Huabei, everyone has different opinions. Some people "just want to know how to close Huabei", while others think that "this is a good thing. If Huabei is similar to a credit card, it will have a positive effect on the bank's assessment of personal credit rating."

  Although the service provided by Huabei is very similar to a credit card, its essence is not a credit card. Alipay related persons also said before that Huabei is not a virtual credit card, but a consumer credit (product).

Data map: People show bank cards. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yun

  In addition, Huabei’s "Personal Credit Information Inquiry and Submission Authorization Letter" shows that its authorized object is Chongqing Ant Small and Micro Loan Co., Ltd., which belongs to a small loan company.

  This is different from the credit information collected by the credit card by the bank, and many people worry: "There is no overdue, but will frequent small loans affect my personal credit and subsequent bank loans?"

  Alipay customer service said that if the time limit is never overdue during the use of Huabei, it will not have an impact on the credit report. The current form of the credit report is not clear. "The minimum monthly repayment amount is a normal repayment method and will not affect the economic activities of consumers."

  According to the staff of the Credit Consumption Center of Xidan Branch of China Construction Bank, personal credit mainly depends on the overdue records, including overdue frequency and deadlines. "Huabai and credit cards are both credit loans, and Huabai is a small loan, but the central bank's credit investigation will be recorded as long as it is overdue, regardless of whether it is small or large. Generally, the loan can be paid off as long as it proves to be paid."

  "Credit cards also have small consumption. As long as they are returned on time, they are normal business and will not affect your credit. Unless you default, they may become credit taints." said Zhao Xijun, co-dean of the China Capital Market Research Institute at Renmin University of China.

Will using "flowers" affect mortgages and car loans?

  Previously, Huabei's overdue period mainly had an impact in its own system, but this has changed after accessing the central bank's credit investigation.

  Zhao Xijun said that the past due records of previous customers will not be directly reported to the central bank's credit center. After access, the borrowing and repayment behaviors of these customers are the same as those recorded in other banks, and they will all be reflected in the credit report. Before the stains in the credit history are cleared, many behaviors will be restricted and restricted.

  "From a personal point of view, after accessing the central bank's credit investigation, the total amount of loans and default records can be queried, which will increase the binding force on personal behavior, but this kind of restriction is also a good thing, and it can reasonably determine the personal credit limit. To avoid excessive borrowing is good for regulating the entire social credit system.” said Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Finance and Development Laboratory.

  Faced with the problem of using Huabei and bank loans, the above-mentioned CCB staff said that before applying for a mortgage, they need to pay off all overdue loans and submit proofs. "Not just overdue payments, all loans must be settled."

  Alipay customer service said that if a bank loan requires a certificate, it can provide a certificate of settlement of Huabei.

  "In addition, you need income proof, repayment ability, source of funds and other materials." The staff explained that these will affect the loan limit and loan interest rate, but the overdue itself is not a proof that affects the repayment ability, mainly depends on the specific circumstances of the overdue , Whether it belongs to the high-risk risk category.

Data map: Bank staff are serving customers. Photo by Zhao Ding

  "As long as there is no overdue or default, there will be no credit taint, but financial ability can be reflected in the credit report." Zhao Xijun gave an example. For example, a consumer does not borrow more than one or two hundred yuan each time, which shows that the turnover is not large. Although the repayment on time is not overdue, when a larger amount of business is to be done, a loan of 1 million yuan is required. The bank may think that his financial ability is not enough to support the loan of 1 million yuan.

  Personal credit and financial ability are not directly related, and financial ability is not just based on Huabei's usage. "Different indicators for judging financial ability will lead to different conclusions, but this does not affect the normal use of Huabei accounts." Zhao Xijun said.

  Huabei is connected to the central bank's credit investigation, do you still use it? (Finish)