Shops in shopping centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have launched offers and discounts in preparation for Eid Al-Adha, with rates reaching 75% on a wide list of goods and products, most notably clothing, shoes, perfumes and electronics.

Consumers and referral officials told «Emirates Today» that these offers and allowing children to go to malls compared to previous periods, with increasing precautionary measures, were among the most important reasons that increased the demand for shopping from malls to take advantage of downloads, especially as they coincided with receiving Salaries of employees.

Local officials said that the current demand for the centers' offers indicates that sales increased by 50% compared to the previous Eid al-Fitr, especially with a large number of residents and citizens spending the holiday in the country, expecting to increase sales by more than 70% during Eid nights. . They pointed out that trade is currently the best since the markets were reopened last May.


In detail, the consumer, Youssef Abdullah, said that several stores in commercial centers in Abu Dhabi offered discounts in preparation for Eid Al-Adha, in some of which amounted to 75%, but most of the discounts ranged between 20 and 50%, indicating that the discounts are concentrated in the areas of clothing, shoes, perfumes and tools Household.

He added that he had noticed buying and crowding in some places in an unprecedented manner since the beginning of the "Corona" crisis, calling for tighter controls to verify the rates of cuts and commitment to social divergence, given the presence of crowding in some places.

The consumer, Adel Hassan, agreed with Abdullah that many stores announced discounts of up to 75%, but most of them ranged between 30 and 50%, and they include a variety of goods that are popular during the holiday, most notably clothing, shoes, glasses, travel bags and body care products.

He also stressed that the commercial centers witness a remarkable turnout, which is the largest since the beginning of the spread of the "Covid-19" pandemic, also calling for verification of the rates of cuts and verification of adherence to precautionary measures and social separation.

Great discounts

The consumer, Maryam Nour, said that several stores offer great offers and discounts, focusing on clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and body care products, noting other offers such as "buy a unit and get a second for free" or "buy two units and get a third for free".

She pointed out that there is great congestion and demand for shopping centers that have not been witnessed since the beginning of the "Corona" crisis.

She demanded verification of the truth and validity of the discounts, noting that she had bought a shirt at a price of 129 dirhams from one of the stores about a month ago, but she found it shown within the discounts in the same store at the same price, noting that the original price before the sale was 200 dirhams.

Expand purchase

In the same context, the consumer, Ismail Abdo, said that the great discount rates, which reached 75% in stores and stores within shopping centers in Dubai, in preparation for Eid al-Adha, made him expand the purchase of holiday supplies, especially clothes, shoes and perfumes.

The consumer, Samah Ibrahim, stated that during previous periods she did not prefer to go to the shopping centers, in light of the consequences of the spread of the Corona virus, but with the increase in the precautionary safety measures and the permission to take children compared to previous periods, she went with her family to buy holiday supplies and some gifts from Electronics stores, to take advantage of the discounts offered.

The consumer, Tamer Hassouna, explained that there are several factors that motivated his family to expand in shopping for more than a day in a number of commercial centers in Dubai, including recent measures to allow children to be taken, which allowed families more to go to shopping centers, especially with the emphasis of safety measures and social separation And wearing masks, in addition to offers of large discounts in the centers, which allow families to buy holiday supplies at affordable prices.


Additionally, Irfan Ismail, the manager in charge of a commercial store, said that sales are witnessing a new activity on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, driven by offers of discounts and awards, explaining that the current indicators indicate an increase in sales ranging between 25 and 30% at least compared to last Eid al-Fitr, especially And that a large number of Abu Dhabi residents preferred to stay in the emirate and not to travel, in addition to returning to going to the commercial centers after being satisfied with the commitment to the precautionary measures.

In turn, the sales official in a commercial store, Sarah Mohamed, said that the current indicators show that sales increased by more than 25% compared to the previous day, with a preference not to travel and return to visit the commercial centers again.

Shoppers increase

For his part, Director of "Line for Real Estate Investments", Wajib Khoury, which operates a number of commercial centers in Abu Dhabi, said that sales in a number of commercial centers are currently witnessing activity in light of campaigns of discounts, offers and prizes witnessed by the centers in cooperation with the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, in addition to increasing the number of shoppers after raising the capacity of shopping centers to 60% compared to 30% during the last Eid. Khoury added that the reassurance of shoppers to fully adhere to the precautionary measures to confront "Covid-19", which contributed to attracting more shoppers, which positively and significantly affected the activity of commercial activity in the emirate.

Active movement

In the same context, Tariq Touhami, General Manager of the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, said that there is an active movement on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, which is the best since the reopening of the commercial centers last May. He pointed out that this movement is driven by the campaign of discounts and the preference of a large number of citizens and residents to stay in Abu Dhabi and not to travel, in addition to reassuring consumers to implement precautions precisely.

high demand

For his part, the director of public relations at the Arabian Center in Dubai, Ahmed Youssef, said that the center has recently witnessed high turnout rates for purchasing Eid Al-Adha supplies, especially for clothes, shoes and perfumes, which raised the rates of demand and sales at the outlets by up to 50% compared to periods Ordinary, sales are expected to increase to 70% during Eid, which usually sees more demand from consumers.

Youssef said that the increased participation of stores in the offers of discounts within the campaigns of "Dubai Summer Surprises Offers", and keeping pace with those discounts for the period before the holiday that coincides with the date of handing the salaries of employees, were among the factors that motivated the increase in demand, especially with the large number of residents and citizens spending a vacation Eid in the country and cancel travel plans abroad due to the repercussions of the pandemic "Corona".

He added that allowing children to visit shopping centers was one of the positive factors that helped increase turnout, which allowed families to spend more time in shopping centers, compared to previous periods, noting that the increase in turnout recently made the management of centers increase the number of supervisors to follow up on adherence to precautionary safety measures And social spacing.

Increase Sales

In turn, the CEO of Al-Ahly Holding Group, and the Dubai Outlet Mall, Mohamed Nasser Khammas, said that the period of preparation for Eid Al-Adha is the most popular and popular shopping center during the current year since the emergence of the Corona pandemic, and with rates exceeding turnout during a season Eid Al-Fitr last.

He explained that this is due to several reasons, including the large discounts offers that stores participate in the campaigns of "Dubai Summer Surprises Offers", which contributed to the increase in sales recently by an estimated rate of 50%, especially after monitoring the return of families to large-scale shopping and spending more time Centers compared to previous periods.

Khamas expected that the sales of malls in Dubai will continue to improve during the coming period, indicating the start of the gradual recovery stages of the effects of the Corona pandemic.

Holiday supplies

The sales official at a clothing store in the "Oasis" center, Jay Kish, said that the past two days witnessed large turnout rates from shoppers to buy Eid al-Adha supplies for clothes, whether for children or for women and men, and take advantage of the rates of discounts, which reached more than 70%, This, in turn, contributed to raising sales percentages to an estimated 50%, compared to previous periods.

The official spokesman for the "Markets" group centers, affiliated to the Dubai Government Investment Corporation, Abdul Hamid Al-Khashabi, said that the group's malls witnessed great demand from consumers to buy Eid Al-Adha supplies and benefit from the rates of discounts offered extensively from stores in different sectors.


The Yas Mall mall administration said, “There is optimism for the return of the usual activity of the shopping movement in Abu Dhabi, coinciding with the lifting of restrictions on movement and the preference of many citizens and residents to spend the Eid al-Adha holiday in the country, which supports the demand for shopping centers.

Yas Mall noted full commitment to implement all health and safety precautions and safety measures and measures to ensure the protection of shoppers.


The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi said it was monitoring the campaigns of discounts to verify compliance with the announced discounts, asking consumers to send complaints to the department in case of any violations.

She confirmed that her inspectors are conducting intensive inspection campaigns on a daily basis, including official holidays, to verify strict compliance with the circulars it issues regarding the application of precautionary measures to counter "Covid-19".

She explained that violating the circulars issued by the department leads to a set of penalties for the violating establishments, including warning, violation, and graduated financial fines up to the closure, according to the violation and its repetition.

The sales included a wide list of goods and products, most notably clothing, shoes, perfumes, and electronics.

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