Gyeonggi-do has issued high-intensity measures to provincial government officials and employees of public institutions of level 4 or higher that if they do not dispose of all the houses except for one house by the end of the year, they will be at a disadvantage to human resources. 

For the first time, Gyeonggi-do is more powerful than the government's recommendation to government officials of level 2 or higher.

At the press conference today (28th), Governor Lee Jae-myeong announced a comprehensive real estate measure in Gyeonggi-do, including this policy to restore confidence in real estate policy.

First of all, the governor advised government officials who belong to level 4 or higher, vice-chairmen of municipalities, and full-time executives and staff at the head of a public institution affiliated with the city to dispose of all but one residential residence by the end of this year. 

Even if you own a multi-household for unavoidable reasons, you must resolve it within six months from the date of occurrence. If this is not followed, it will be reflected in various evaluations such as promotion, telegram, performance, and re-employment from the next year's greetings. 

Even in recent personnel, some high-ranking public officials in multi-housing were excluded from the promotion. Governor Lee Jae-myeong also added, "Choose only one of money and power." 

In addition, Governor Lee Jae-myeong proposed punitive taxation on non-residential housing, expansion of long-term public housing, and introduction of basic income-type land tax. 

Let's watch the press conference of Governor Lee Jae-myeong's real estate measures. 

(Composition: Eulseon Cho, Photograph: Myeong-gu Kim, Editor: Hee-seon Kim)