The gold price reached a new record high on Monday: $ 1,920.90 (about 1,640 euros) per troy ounce, reports Reuters news agency. This broke the old 2011 record of $ 1,920.30.

Although gold prices have been rising for more than a year, partly due to trade tensions at a global level, the corona crisis has also played a major role in the rising gold price. In early July, the gold price rose to the highest level in nine years: $ 1,800 per troy ounce.

The economic consequences of the corona crisis are significant. Gold is a safe choice for investors in troubled times. This was also evident during the financial crisis in 2008: even then there was a great demand for gold.

The silver price has also risen sharply in the recent period. At the end of last week, the silver price was at $ 22.79, the highest price since 2013.