Chinanews Xining, July 25th (Li Jiangning) On the 24th, the "Holy Ganzi·Into Qinghai" Advantage Resource Investment Promotion Conference was successfully held in Xining, Qinghai.

  It is understood that the promotion will focus on launching 117 key industrial projects such as tourism culture, modern agriculture and animal husbandry, and Chinese Tibetan medicine, with an estimated investment of 36.168 billion yuan. Shiqu County and Seda County of Ganzi Prefecture will use this platform to promote advantageous resources.

The picture shows Ganzi's characteristic products exhibited at the promotion conference. Photo by Li Jiangning

  Nie Xin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ganzi Prefecture Committee and Vice Governor, pointed out at the meeting that Ganzi Prefecture will rely on such carriers as the "three innovations" and rural revitalization to fully promote the construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, Kangxin Expressway, and Ganzi New District. At the same time, Ganzi Prefecture's unique location advantages, strong development trend, and high-quality investment environment will surely provide investors with a huge market space and rare development opportunities.

  "Coming to Qinghai to hold this promotion meeting is summed up as friendship, trust and development. Sichuan and Qinghai belong to the west, and we are brothers. This year’s epidemic has had a great impact on the global economy. We need to use this promotion meeting to make For enterprises to enhance their confidence, the development of Sichuan is inseparable from Qinghai, and the development of Qinghai also needs the support of a large province like Sichuan. I hope that this promotion will allow the two provinces’ superior resources to go out and provide companies in the two provinces with better development opportunities "Said Ji Yunwen, the second-level inspector of the Sichuan Economic Cooperation Bureau.

The picture shows Ganzi's characteristic products exhibited at the promotion conference. Photo by Li Jiangning

  It is reported that this promotion is the first time that the model of "onsite promotion + online live broadcast + offline interaction" is adopted simultaneously to promote Ganzi to a broad audience. After this event, Ganzi Prefecture will successively hold a series of online and offline investment promotion activities to vigorously promote the steady progress of investment promotion under the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic.

  "We have come to participate in this promotion to have a deeper understanding of Ganzi. Ganzi and Qinghai are adjacent to each other and the transportation distance is very close. Qinghai also has insufficient supply of agricultural and animal husbandry resources, and Ganzi has many similarities to Qinghai. High-quality agricultural and animal husbandry resources, so we also want to cooperate at the right opportunity." said Ma Hailin, general manager of Qinghai Kaitai Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. (Finish)