Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that the Emirate’s companies have demonstrated a high maturity in the field of corporate social responsibility in relation to the health and safety of their employees during the period of the “Covid-19 crisis,” indicated in a research study, that the solid foundations for sustainable investment owned by the Emirate's companies were a key factor in The success of these companies in overcoming and overcoming the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on their employees.

Responsible practices

The Chamber confirmed, in a statement yesterday, that the recent study conducted during the past few months and supported by an integrated questionnaire conducted by the Chamber last year, showed that the private sector companies in the emirate were proactive in light of the crisis of the spread of «Covid-19» to the application of responsible and sustainable practices to ensure the health And the safety and welfare of its employees, and developing appropriate business plans to support the continuity of its business during the pandemic period.

Sustainable investment

The research, which was recently concluded by the Dubai Chamber of Business Ethics Center, revealed that the sustainable pre-investment of companies was one of the main reasons for the responsible and effective performance of companies during the period of Covid-19, according to a recent survey conducted by the center in 2019, Show that an increasing number of companies in Dubai have reached an advanced stage of maturity in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Special policy

According to the results of the questionnaire, which was revealed by the Chamber for the first time, more than half of the companies that participated in the questionnaire possessed a policy on social responsibility for institutions, while 65.7% of companies and institutions have a special department or a specialized employee to manage the corporate social responsibility policy of the company.

The questionnaire showed that 62% of the companies possess a very mature methodology in motivating and integrating employees, while 70% of the companies participating in the questionnaire showed high knowledge and advanced application of health and safety practices for employees.

Employee safety

The questionnaire also showed that these departments had an effective and decisive role in focusing on employee safety during the crisis period, enhancing confidence and job security for their employees working remotely, and working to support employees who were not proficient in dealing with technology.

70.4% of the companies participating in the questionnaire confirmed that the companies' boards of directors were shareholders and participants in overseeing issues related to social responsibility of the companies applying to the companies.

The study showed that many companies turned towards volunteering through the virtual field during the pandemic period, and devised new ways to volunteer, which was also confirmed by the results of the survey for the year 2019, which showed that 68% of companies were mature in this field, and strongly supported the staff volunteering.

The environmental field

The study revealed that the interest of companies shifted slightly during the "Covid-19" period from the environmental field, focusing on responsible internal and labor market practices to support employees and customers, as this came at the expense of environmental and societal issues.

The study showed that the companies spending in the period «Covid-19» on investing in responsible and sustainable practices and initiatives decreased with the companies ’internal focus on survival and survival and caring for its employees, customers and suppliers.

Sustainable reports

A questionnaire for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry revealed a vital responsible area that still needs more maturity among Dubai companies, which is writing sustainable reports, where the questionnaire showed that 73% of the companies participating in it, either they do not write sustainability reports (29%) or do In simple terms (44%), while 54% of the SMEs do not issue any sustainable reports about their responsible activities.

One of the main reasons for the responsible and effective performance of companies is advance sustainable investment of companies.

50% of companies in Dubai have a social responsibility policy.

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