My Dream Garage - DR

Leasys, FCA's rental company, has developed “My Dream Garage”: it is a virtual garage that is easy to manage via a smartphone application, can be configured according to one's lifestyle and to be used according to one's current desires.

From a 500 to a Maserati ...

Concretely, the purchase of a new Fiat 500 (electric) gives access to the “Dream Garage”, comprising 13 models from the FCA Group. All of these vehicles can be booked through the app at any time and can be used for a total of 60 days per year. It is thus possible to choose from vehicles of the 500 family (500, 500C, 500X and 500L), or Italian thoroughbreds like the Alfa Romeo Giulia or Stelvio, the adrenaline of the Abarth 595 or 124, or even an SUV. American like the Jeep Wrangler, Compass or Renegade, or even a practical Fiat Ducato or an exceptional Maserati Levante.

In Italy, the monthly fee will range from € 99 to € 299, but “My Dream Garage” will also be launched in France. The information is to be taken via Leasys or the affiliated dealers.


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