On the morning of July 23, at the launching ceremony of the Ma Yun Education Fund Project of Lhasa Teachers College, Ma Yun Charity Foundation announced that it will complete the construction of Ma Yun Teacher Training Center on the new campus of Lhasa Teachers College by the end of this year. The Teachers College is the fulcrum to help the training and development of rural education talents in Tibet. 100 million yuan in 10 years will cultivate future rural educators in Tibet.

  According to reports, 100 million yuan is mainly divided into two parts, 50 million yuan is used for the construction of Ma Yun teacher training center, and the other 50 million yuan is used for the training and development of new teachers, key teachers, principals and teachers of Lhasa Teachers College in Tibet.

  According to the project, within 10 years, Tibet will help Tibet train 500 outstanding rural principals, 1,000 rural key teachers, and 2,000 new rural teachers. At the same time, we will integrate educational resources, help the development of Lhasa Teachers College, and promote the training of Tibetan educational talents.

  At the project launch conference last year, Ma Yun said through a video that the foundation of a region's development lies in education, and the foundation of education development lies in normal schools and normal students. This is especially true in ethnic areas.

  As the only teacher training college in Tibet, data show that currently in Tibet, more than half of elementary school preschool teachers are trained by Lhasa Teachers College, and more than half of elementary school kindergarten cadres above the middle level also come from this school. Lhasa Teachers College plays an important role in the training of the entire Tibetan teacher team.

  It is understood that this is also the original intention of the Jack Ma Public Welfare Foundation to establish the Jack Ma Education Fund in Lhasa Teachers College.

  "Lhasa Teachers College will give full play to and make good use of this platform, improve teaching levels, and jointly cultivate future rural educators, and will do a good job in project construction management, fund use, personnel selection, security support and other tasks." Lhasa Teachers College Changjiang Bai said at the launch ceremony.

  According to the person in charge of Ma Yun’s rural education talent plan, the project will accept applications from July 25 to August 15. This year, Lhasa will be used as a pilot area to carry out the project. Therefore, in addition to the extension of new teachers’ application to Nagqu City, key teachers and principals Accept the declaration from Lhasa City. "In the future, the project will be extended to the entire Tibet region to help the development of more rural teachers and principals in Tibet."