Citizen initiatives WeLoveHema and HouDeHema made a joint bid for HEMA on Friday. The parties did so on the last day that interested buyers could indicate that they wanted to take over the retail chain, De Ondernemer reports . The amount of money involved is unclear.

WeLoveHema and HouDeHema say they aim to acquire at least more than 50 percent of the shares. Their idea is that "customers, employees, suppliers and private investors can become joint shareholders of HEMA".

They also say they have joined "one of the bidding parties, about which more in the near future". "This week we will hear whether we have made it to the next round," said the citizens' initiatives.

WeLoveHema and HouDeHema have been working together since the end of June. Among others, Senate Mei Li Vos is involved with HouDeHema.

In mid-June, a group of creditors became the owner of HEMA, after former owner Marcel Boekhoorn was unable to reach an agreement with them on a deal that would considerably reduce the debts.

HEMA management agreed with creditors that the company's debt was significantly reduced from EUR 750 million to EUR 300 million.