Hotels in Abu Dhabi have offered accommodation and restaurant discounts of up to 30% during the Eid Al-Adha period, expecting the "Al-Adha" holiday to be the start of a gradual recovery from the repercussions of the "Covid-19" pandemic on the hotel sector.

Officials in those hotels confirmed to «Emirates Today» that the current reservations exceed expectations, and indicates that the occupancy rates will exceed 75%, especially in beach hotels, noting that the hotel sector is witnessing a significant improvement in occupancy rates in general.

Great reservations

In detail, Sam Al Asmar, Vice President of Revenue and Distribution at Rotana Abu Dhabi hotels, said that current reservations and demand from residents exceeded expectations in the current circumstances, and it is expected that the group's hotels in Abu Dhabi will record, according to the current reservations, occupancy rates exceeding 75% during Eid al-Adha period.

Al-Asmar expected that bookings will increase during the coming days, before Eid Al-Adha, as happens annually, especially in beach hotels.

He stated that «Rotana» has been keen on continuing activities and offers in its hotels and resorts, in the forefront of which is a discount of up to 30% on accommodation by subscribing to the membership of “Rotana Rewards Select”, which provides guests with many exceptional benefits.

Al-Asmar stressed the complete readiness to receive visitors and full commitment to implement strict precautionary measures to ensure the safety of inmates through the "Safe World Rotana" program.

He stressed that the hotel sector has witnessed a significant improvement in occupancy rates, both with the group and in other hotels and resorts.

Gradual recovery

For his part, CEO of the "Paradise" Hotels and Resorts Group, Richard Haddad, said that the current reservations indicate an increase in occupancy rates during the Eid al-Adha period, ranging between 70 and 75%, to mark the start of the gradual recovery of the sector from the repercussions of the stage "Corona".

He stressed that the current period is witnessing a growing demand for Abu Dhabi hotels in general, and the current occupancy rates revolve around 50%, and is witnessing a gradual increase in light of the reopening of restaurants, sports facilities, and swimming pools in hotels, with the implementation of precautionary measures.

He added that the group's hotels preferred to offer price offers to raise occupancy rates during Eid al-Adha by up to 30%, stressing that the state of the hotels in the UAE is much better than many hotels in the region, in light of controlling the Corona virus.

Increase reservations

As for the director of marketing at the "Fairmont Bab Al Bahr" hotel, Mona Awni, she assured to "Emirates Today" that the Eid Al-Adha period witnesses an increase in reservations, and an increase in occupancy rates by more than 70%, to mark the beginning of the recovery period, after the fallout of the new Corona virus on The hotel sector.

She said that the occupancy rates have witnessed a noticeable and gradual rise during the past few days, and it is expected to increase further during the Eid period, with a large number of citizens and residents prefering not to travel.

She stated that the hotel offered offers starting from 319 dirhams for the hotel room with breakfast, with a discount of more than 20% compared to the prices of the season of last year, in addition to a discount of 20% on food and drink.

My promotion

The sales manager of the Abu Dhabi Marriott Hotel, Ammar Hilal, said that the hotel launched a promotional offer during Eid al-Adha, starting from 350 dirhams, compared to 500 dirhams in the previous year’s season, with a decrease of 30%, in addition to a 20% reduction in restaurant prices.

He explained that several hotels offer discounts on accommodation and food to motivate guests, in light of the repercussions of "Covid-19", at a time when many hotels used to raise prices during the holidays, due to the presence of a large demand for Abu Dhabi hotels, especially by families from countries. Arabian Gulf.

Hilal agreed that the current period is witnessing a gradual improvement in occupancy rates, with full adherence to the precautionary measures, expecting the occupancy rates to increase during the Eid al-Adha holiday, and August in general, especially in light of expectations for the lifting of restrictions on entry to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the return of flights, which helps Increasing reservations from inside or outside the country.

Beach hotels

The CEO of "Aurora" for hotel management, Ahmed Haseeb, said that the group made an offer during the upcoming Eid Al-Adha holiday, which includes a 15% discount on staying in its hotels in the city, noting that the current reservations indicate that occupancy rates will average 75% During "Al-Adha", compared to a ratio of between 40 and 50% currently.

He stressed that there is a great demand for beach hotels in particular, and hotels in the islands of "Yas" and "Saadiyat", which raises their occupancy rates, compared to hotels in the city center.

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