Reporter Kwon Aeri, a friendly economist. Reporter Kwon, it's a financial story that saves money. Can you tell me how to cut property tax today (24th)?


Yes. The property tax payment period is from the 16th to the 31st. There is another period to pay in September. In particular, many of the property tax bills you received this year have risen considerably from last year.

Even if the house price has often risen and the house price hasn't changed, the price has been closer to the market price than last year, so the overall price is higher than last year.

In Seoul, the housing property tax fills 30%, the highest ceiling that can be raised in one year, so there are 580,000 households on the right.

In this case, I want to reduce as much as I can. Today, it is a very complicated method, and it has the disadvantage that it is only Seoul, but I would like to start with a method that has a high tax rate.

It is a way to use a distributor's gift certificate. Distributor gift certificates can be purchased at discounted prices in online shopping malls. Nowadays, the discount price is unified at around 3%.

In some cases, discounts may be obtained through marketing related to carriers.

Large distribution chains run separate apps. And it registers its voucher into the app and turns it into a kind of cyber money that can be used online.

So, if you convert a voucher that you bought with a 3% discount into a cyber money, all you do with that money will get a 3% discount.

In the case of Seoul, you can pay property taxes with the converted cyber money. You can go to the web page or app to pay the property tax, and choose to pay the retailer's cyber money.

The distribution gift certificate available for this property tax payment season is a Shinsegae Gift Certificate. You can pay at a discounted amount within the limit of 1.2 million won per year.


But this is possible because the city of Seoul is paying property taxes as a voucher cyber money. It is limited to Seoul, and is there any other discount method that can be used in other regions?


Yes. In general, there are many ways to reduce even a little anywhere in the country by using credit cards, check cards, and recent payments rather than cash payments.

If you are a bit clumsy about online or mobile use, you may want to try head-to-head with your family or people around you.

Once you pay by credit card, most credit card companies pay a property tax with a credit card, and they pay interest-free installments for up to 7 months. There is no fee.

So even if you don't have a special discount, especially if you have a lot of property tax, you can naturally distribute the payment burden without cost.

Some cards offer additional benefits. Even if it's not enough to pay a property tax and make a new card, it would be advantageous if you check my cards and get any additional benefits.

Hyundai Card is offering up to a 1% discount on this property tax payment season. It is not directly proportional to the amount. As you can see, there are three discounts of 3,000 won, 5,000 won, and 10,000 won by dividing the section according to the size of the property tax.

You can also earn points. Once the Samsung Card has a rechargeable check card, there is something that can be credited by paying the property tax.

Kookmin Card will accumulate 0.2% points if you pay local tax with a check card, and give a gifticon worth 10,000 won if the property tax exceeds 500,000 won with a credit card.

Also, you can earn 0.2% of Woori Card and 0.17% of Shinhan Card as a check card.

Among Internet banks, K-Bank is offering an event that refunds 5,000 won in bulk if the property tax is paid to new customers.


It is not like 5,000 won or 10,000 won, but if you keep it in advance, there is another thing that can save children's cookies?


Yes. You can also apply for a property tax bill to be sent to the electronic bill. And this is also convenient.

It is convenient if you apply to receive a bill as an electronic bill with Witax, a local tax payment app, or various bank apps or payment apps. .

If you already have an app you use, you can apply for an electronic bill starting next year.

And the discount methods are all annoying. Then, even if you apply only for automatic debit when you apply for an electronic bill, the tax credit is only a few hundred won, but there is an additional.

The last and most important thing is to make it on time. There is a 3% surcharge after the 31st of this month. Even if you are busy, don't forget to pay it on time.