The number of KLM's European destinations is almost back to the old level this autumn. The airline flew to 92 European destinations in the autumn, compared to 91 next fall. However, the number of flights is lagging significantly, KLM reports Thursday.

KLM offered a total of 52,500 flights in August, September and October last year, this year there will be only 34,500 in the same months. This means the airline only operates 66 percent of last year's flights.

And intercontinental flights are also far from back to the old level. The airline will fly to 61 intercontinental destinations this fall, compared to 69 a year earlier. However, no passengers are carried on a third of the flights.

In August, September and October, KLM will operate a total of 5,800 intercontinental flights, compared to 9,100 in the same period last year. This means the airline is at 64 percent of its normal capacity.

People who fly with KLM must meet the conditions. For example, as a passenger you must undergo a health check in advance, wear a mouth mask during the flight and keep a distance when getting on and off. The airline says to keep seats free where possible to give passengers more space.