Illustration of a Ryan Air plane. - Andrew McCaren / SIPA

The decision fell. The Irish airline Ryanair announced the closure in the autumn of its base in Frankfurt in Germany, and others are expected to follow in the country, after the pilots refuse to agree to a cut in wages.

Ryanair, which is leading a restructuring plan involving the cut of 3,000 jobs to cushion the shock of the pandemic, unveiled its decision in a memo sent Tuesday to its pilots based in Germany.

British pilots accepted

The German pilots' union VC voted by a majority to reject the company's proposal to accept a 20% wage cut for four years. “VC voted for job cuts and base closings when they could have saved all the jobs,” Ryanair said in the memo.

The company did not say how many jobs were affected by the closure of its Frankfurt base, which will take effect on November 1. Ryanair adds that the closures of its bases in Berlin Tegel and Düsseldorf are now likely before winter.

In a statement, the VC union estimated that Ryanair's proposals would have been "damaging" to the working conditions of pilots and considers that the guarantees to preserve jobs were not sufficient. Unlike their German counterparts, British Ryanair pilots have agreed to pay cuts of 20%, which should allow them to save 260 jobs out of the 330 threatened.


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