China-Singapore Jingwei Client, July 22 (Wu Yihan) Starting tomorrow (July 23), the results of the 2020 college entrance examination will be announced successively across the country. After the results come out, how to choose a university major will become a new problem faced by candidates and parents.

  For candidates, choosing a university major should not only consider their own hobbies, but also the future employment prospects and industry development of the chosen major. The capital market brings together leading companies in many industries. The salary data disclosed by these companies and the difference in salary levels between industries will undoubtedly have certain reference value for candidates who are facing professional choices.

New latitude and longitude in the data map

A-share financial industry per capita annual salary of 400,000

  Among the major industries of A shares, the financial industry has the highest per capita salary. Wind data shows that in 2019, the per capita annual salary of the non-bank financial industry and the banking industry was 420,900 yuan and 399,300 yuan, respectively, ranking first and second in Shenwan's 28 first-level industries.

  Compared with the financial industry’s annual salary of nearly 400,000 yuan per capita, other industries are much inferior. The companies ranked third to fifth in per capita annual salary are the real estate, media, and extractive industries. The average annual salary is 229,500 yuan. 223,100 yuan and 21,300 yuan.

  In recent years, the information technology industry, which is regarded as a high-paying industry, has no advantage in salary levels among A-share listed companies. In 2019, the per capita salary in the computer industry, communications industry, and electronics industry was 205,700 yuan, 161,800 yuan, and 153,100 yuan respectively, ranking 7th, 13th and 16th among Shenwan’s 28 first-level industries. name.

  It is worth noting that the four majors of biology, chemistry, environment, and materials, which have been ridiculed by many netizens on social media as "professionals", are indeed slightly lower than those of A shares from the perspective of the salary levels in related industries. The overall average salary level.

  Wind data shows that the per capita annual salary in the pharmaceutical and biological industry, chemical industry, environmental protection engineering and service industry (Shenwan secondary industry), and metal and non-metal new materials industry (Shenwan secondary industry) related to the above-mentioned majors is 143 thousand yuan. , 129,100 yuan, 149,100 yuan, and 121,900 yuan, which are all lower than the A-share average annual salary of 167,100 yuan.

  The top three industries with the lowest salary levels in A-shares are agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, light industry manufacturing, and non-ferrous metals. The per capita annual salary is 111,800, 120,200, and 126,400 respectively.

  It should be noted that the salary data of A-share listed companies does not reflect the full picture.

  On the one hand, although A-shares include leading companies in most industries, there are still leading companies in many industries that have not been listed in A-shares for various reasons (such as Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, etc.). On the other hand, most A-share listed companies are leading companies in their industry, and the calculation method of per capita annual salary data also averages the salaries of executives and ordinary employees, so the salary level reflected by this data is relatively higher than the real situation.

  Different from the per capita annual salary data reflected in the A shares, the National Bureau of Statistics data shows that the three industries with the highest average annual salary of employees in 2019 are information transmission, software and information technology services (161,400 yuan), scientific research and technical services ( 133,500 yuan), financial industry (131,400 yuan).

  However, despite the fact that the A-share annual salary data cannot reflect the full picture and the per capita salary is relatively high, the salary difference between the industries it reflects still has a certain reference value.

Which industries should you enter if you want to earn one million?

  For many office workers, choosing a profession will not only consider their overall salary level, but also their career development prospects. From the perspective of management salary data, there are also differences in salary ceilings between different industries in A shares.

  Wind data shows that in 2019, among the 28 first-level industries in Shenwan, the non-bank financial industry, the banking industry and the real estate industry still have the highest total management compensation. In the above three industries, the average annual salary paid by each company to the management reached 21,911,100 yuan, 20,9772 million, and 15.148,900 yuan respectively.

  Among them, it is worth noting that in the non-bank financial industry, the insurance industry has the highest total annual salary paid to management by each company, which is 35,030,400 yuan. However, its per capita annual salary is at the lowest level in the non-bank financial industry, at 237,100 yuan. It can be seen that in the financial industry, not everyone is highly paid.

  In addition, Wind data also shows that in 13 industries including banking, non-bank financial, real estate, steel, electronics, and construction materials, the average annual salary paid by each company to the top three executives exceeds 3 million yuan. In other words, if you want to achieve "annual salary of one million", entering these 13 industries may be the most promising.

  However, the above data are the average level of the industry. If it is specific to listed companies, the salary ceiling may not be one million, but ten million.

  In 2019, six A-share listed companies gave their management a total annual salary of over 100 million yuan. They were CITIC Securities, China Fortune Land Development, Fangda Special Steel, Ping An, Mindray Medical, and Sany Heavy Industry. Among them, Xie Feiming, the former chairman of Fangda Special Steel, ranked first in the annual salary of all A-share executives with an annual salary of 41.2246 million yuan.

These emerging industries deserve attention

  It should be pointed out that the above A-share salary data are all derived from the 2019 annual reports of listed companies. With the passage of time and the development of society, there are always new industries emerging and old industries declining. Therefore, candidates should also consider the future development of the industry when choosing a major.

  According to the “Results of Filing and Approval of Undergraduate Majors in Ordinary Colleges and Universities in 2019” released by the Ministry of Education, in 2019, there were 180 universities in China newly registered majors in artificial intelligence, and 138 universities added majors in data science and big data technology. In addition, intelligent manufacturing engineering, robotics engineering, big data management and application and other majors are also becoming new directions for universities to train talents.

  Zheng Lei, chief economist of Baoxin Finance, believes that industries such as big data intelligence, blockchain, computer science, biotechnology and pharmacy, microelectronics and robotics are all at the forefront of policies, supported by the state, and are expected to have better future employment prospects.

  In addition, Industrial Securities also pointed out that with the improvement of living standards in recent years and the increasing pressure of academic competition, parents' investment in education has continued to increase, and the education and training industry is thriving. And because of the characteristics of regional differences and individual needs in the education industry, the long tail of small institutions and individual studios can continue to exist, making it a good choice to start a business in the education industry. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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