Go To Travel Unique discount service for excluded citizens July 22 19:21

"Go To Travel", a policy to stimulate tourism demand, started on the 22nd. In Tokyo, which has been excluded from the campaign, hotels and other customers have begun to offer their own discount service in order to get Tokyo residents to use it.

“Go To Travel” started on the 22nd, and excludes travel to Tokyo as a destination and travels of people living in Tokyo from the discount.

In response, if you can confirm that you live in Tokyo at the time of check-in, a major hotel chain in Tokyo will make a 5000 yen voucher that you can use at restaurants and bars in the hotel, and it will be free from the 22nd It is distributed.

Even if you are not a guest, you will get 20% off the cost of the meal.

Makoto Yamamoto, General Manager of Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, said, "We are taking every possible measure to prevent infection. We want the people of Tokyo to feel as if they are traveling."

In addition, a bus company that tours sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Tower usually discounts the cost of the tour from 1,600 yen to 2,100 yen, for the residents of Tokyo only by 500 yen.

The company says that it thoroughly implements infection prevention measures, such as having customers take temperature measurements and disinfect hands.

Ayako Inose of Skybus Tokyo said, "Because the bus has no roof, it has good ventilation and seats are reduced. We want to take measures while grasping the announcement of the administration firmly."