China News Service, July 20. According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued an emergency notice, on the basis of in-depth advancement of the "Sword" action on the special rectification of agricultural product quality and safety, from July 20 to the end of August, Carry out a nationwide special rectification action on illegal use of sea cucumber farming drugs. In addition to the legal use of aquaculture veterinary drugs and aquaculture feed, no other inputs shall be used in the aquaculture production process.

  The notice said that on the evening of July 16th, the Central China Radio and Television General Office's 3.15 party exposed the illegal use of the pesticide dichlorvos by sea cucumber farmers in Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, and the illegal sale of oxytetracycline powder to farmers by veterinary drug dealers. It has exposed the outstanding problems in the management and use of local sea cucumber breeding medicines and other inputs, which has aroused great concern from all parties in the society regarding the quality and safety of sea cucumbers.

  The notice proposes that all localities should fully mobilize all aspects to use dichlorvos, herbicides and other chemical pesticides, malachite green, nitrofuran, chloramphenicol and other banned drugs, ofloxacin and other discontinued drugs and fake and inferior veterinary drugs for sea cucumber breeding. , And conduct unlicensed operation of veterinary drug management enterprises, illegally selling veterinary raw materials to farmers and selling fake and inferior veterinary drugs, etc., and conduct a net-wide, full coverage investigation.

  It is necessary to deeply implement the veterinary drug residue monitoring plan and quality and safety supervision and random inspection of aquatic products in the production area, strengthen the law enforcement inspection of veterinary drug business behavior, and severely crack down on illegal and illegal drug use and drug sales found in the inspection. One is found, one is investigated and the other is investigated. , Never be palliative. By destroying a batch, punishing a batch, revoking a batch, transferring a batch of rectification measures, etc., the order of the sea cucumber breeding and veterinary medicine market should be strictly rectified.

  To carry out the detection of pesticide residues in the sea cucumber breeding environment, in response to the CCTV exposure to the use of dichlorvos pesticides to remove sea cucumber pond farming pests and farmers' purchase of oxytetracycline raw materials, all localities should test the water bodies, sediments and storage in sea cucumber farming ponds as soon as possible. Sea cucumbers conduct comprehensive sampling tests, and if they find that the cultured sea cucumbers do not meet the quality and safety standards of agricultural products, they immediately seal and destroy the cultured products in accordance with the law, and thoroughly purify the cultured environment.

  The notice requires that the daily supervision mechanism for sea cucumber breeding medicines be accelerated and improved. Relevant provinces and cities with separate plans for agriculture and rural departments should take this incident as a warning and make an inference from each other, and carefully look for loopholes and shortcomings in the daily supervision of sea cucumber breeding, not only to investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, but also to accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism , To eliminate hidden dangers in the bud. It is necessary to further earnestly implement the "Fishery Law", "Agricultural Product Quality Safety Law", "Veterinary Drug Management Regulations" and "Pesticide Management Regulations" and other laws and regulations, and promote the local people's governments at and above the county level to speed up the promulgation of tidal flat plans for local aquaculture waters and the cultivation of qualified sea cucumber The production subject shall verify and issue the breeding certificate according to law.

  For those who have not obtained aquaculture license according to law and are engaged in aquaculture production in all waters of the whole people who do not meet the aquaculture tidal flat plans, the aquaculture facilities shall be demolished within a time limit. It is necessary to guide sea cucumber aquaculture enterprises and farmers to promote aquatic healthy aquaculture, supervise their establishment of three records of aquaculture production, medication and product sales, and consciously regulate the daily production and medication of sea cucumber cultivation. At the same time, all localities should establish a dynamic directory of sea cucumber and other aquaculture production units and relevant law enforcement inspectors as soon as possible, so that the relevant aquaculture subjects are "clear and clear," and in accordance with the "double random, one open" principle, strengthen the sea cucumber aquaculture production enterprises. Conduct regular law enforcement inspections with farmers and increase the frequency of inspections of problem enterprises in accordance with law.

  The notice emphasized that actively promote the publicity and guidance of the standard medicines for sea cucumber farming, and the relevant provinces and agricultural and rural departments of the cities listed separately should strengthen the guidance to the aquatic technology promotion agencies, and actively promote the popularization of science popularization activities for aquaculture standard medicines. By distributing publicity materials such as the Agricultural Products Quality Safety Law, the Veterinary Drugs Management Regulations, the Pesticides Management Regulations, and the Aquaculture Medicine Clearing Paper, widely spread legal knowledge to sea cucumber farmers, warn them to regulate farming according to law, and prohibit the use of fake and inferior veterinary drugs And the country bans drugs and other compounds, and the use of pesticides is strictly prohibited. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen warning education for veterinary drug operators, prohibit the sale of veterinary raw materials to units and individuals other than veterinary drug manufacturers, and prohibit the sale of fake and inferior veterinary drugs.