China News Service, July 16, according to news from the website of the Ministry of Commerce, in order to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's decisions on expanding domestic demand, stabilizing employment, benefiting people's livelihood, etc., enhancing the basic role of consumption in economic development and driving economic diversification and innovation In order to promote the healthy and prosperous development of the small store economy, in July 2020, the Ministry of Commerce and other seven departments jointly issued the "Notice on the Promotion of Small Store Economic Promotion" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") to make work deployment.

Figure: Nanluogu Lane, Beijing, two shop assistants chat across the road at their respective entrances. China News reporter Li Peiyun

  "Notice" pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to government guidance, market leadership, consumer choice, adhere to local conditions and adapt policies to the city, in order to speed up the convenience of small stores, specialization, and digital development as the main line, in order to upgrade small store clusters and empower innovative services Optimizing the business environment as the main direction of attack, with the goal of stabilizing employment, expanding domestic demand, promoting consumption, and enhancing economic vitality, to promote the formation of a multi-level, multi-category small store economic development system to meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

  The "Notice" makes it clear that by carrying out small store economic promotion actions, a number of pilot cities will be fostered to promote the transformation and upgrading of small store clusters such as communities, wholesale markets, commercial districts, and special streets, and promote e-commerce platforms, logistics companies, commerce companies, and the central government. Kitchens and other small shops with "big belt, small" and empowerment, accelerate the development of "small products with good products, good service, beautiful environment, and wide marketing" as the standard, and require local governments to strengthen linkages. A national chess game will be formed by 2025. There are 1,000 small shops gathering areas with strong popularity and strong "fireworks", which has reached the goal of "100 cities, hundreds of districts and 100 million shops".

  The “Notice” requires that relevant departments such as local commerce, finance, human resources and social security, housing urban and rural construction, taxation, finance, market supervision, and urban management should perform their respective duties and implement the current reduction of supporting small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Tax reduction, financial support, and optimization of the business environment and other policies have jointly promoted the healthy and prosperous development of the small store economy. The "Notice" proposes safeguards in terms of strengthening organizational leadership, relaxing access conditions, lowering operating costs, cracking down on financing difficulties, and standardizing management in accordance with law. All localities should strengthen policy innovation, system innovation, management innovation, and model innovation in light of reality. Form a small store economic development method with local industry characteristics and effective, and form a mature experience that can be copied and promoted. In order to facilitate the guidance of the local benchmarking table, the "Notice" also appended the "Guidelines for the Economic Development of Small National Stores" to further enhance the pertinence and operability of the work.